Smart Devices and their Applications

It’s always fun to wonder. There are millions of works of fiction that remind us of this fact. One thing people love to wonder about is the future, and year after year we head steadily into it. What was once a dream of the past, smart homes, is now the present. Smart security, TV’s, speakers, even showers and shades. There’s something for everyone.

These may still seem like a novelty, but today 69% of American households own a smart device. Which ones are seeing use though, and which ones are markers of luxury? Most commonly found is the smart audio or video device. The “Alexa’s” the “Siri’s” the devices that can have tasks requested from them.

Following closely are the sets of smart utilities and security on the market. Options for the more pragmatic consumer, the ones trying to stay safe and save money. Smart security is generally highly desired, 63% of people wanting a home with it implemented. Yet it, like all smart devices, can be expensive. 

This is why smart thermostats, heaters, lightbulbs, they’re all growing in popularity. Some smart devices are made to interact with. Others are simply made to be more effective tools in the home. These are the range of smart devices that exist today and the ways they can be implemented. They’re more relevant now than ever, and that will only continue to become more and more true every year.

Smart Devices and Homes of the Future

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