Small Business Owner Threatened After GiveSendGo Data Hack

A small business owner was reportedly been threatened after her name was revealed by hackers in a data leak of donors to the Canadian “Freedom Convoy.”

More than 92,000 names of donors were leakedFollowing a large hacker attack, GiveSendGo has been reopened. The hackers also stole credit card numbers.

The Stella Luna Gelato Café in Ottawa was forced to close on Tuesday after its owner — Tammy Guiliani — and her staff were threatened with violence for her support of the convoy.

Guiliani donated a mere $250 to a fundraiser dedicated to the “Freedom Convoy,” where truckers have protested mandates of the COVID-19 vaccine. Following her doxxing on Twitter, she said that she received threats from both herself and colleagues.

“We got a call from the team saying, ‘We’re getting phone calls here,’” Giuliani told Ottawa Citizen. “I said, ‘What’s going on?’ and they said, ‘They’re threatening to throw bricks through our window. They’re threatening to come and get us.’ We said, ‘Lock the door and we’ll find out what’s going on.’”

Following her public donation on Twitter, the victim was attacked by twitter users with very low followers.

Giuliani stated that she donated $100 at first, but requested a refund after the fund was frozen.

“Now I’m giving you $250 and taking food down to the truckers every day. Thank you for continuing to fight for Canadians across this country,” she wrote at the time.

Giuliani has pulled out of her support for the protest which became a hot topic.

“When a group of people first decided they were going to travel across the country to spread this message of solidarity, it seemed like a beacon of hope for small businesses like us,” she said. “It’s no surprise that small businesses have been on the edge. Family members are at high risk of losing their jobs. I’m a sucker for a grassroots cause.”

“Never in our wildest dreams did we anticipate what has transpired over the past couple of weeks,” she said. “None of us anticipated what it turned into and we certainly don’t condone it.”

Giuliani admitted that although she was sorry for making the donation, it wasn’t an excuse for all the threats her staff and she received.

“In retrospect it was bad judgment, but does that mean that people have a right to threaten our staff? Is it possible for people to threaten me and my family by threatening to blow bricks through our windows? We made a mistake. Who could have anticipated it?”

Her conclusion was that she made numerous donations to charitable causes including animal shelters in her locality and soccer clubs. “We rarely say no,” she concluded.

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