Sleaze Factor: NFL’s No. 1 Draft Pick Offered Free Romp With ‘Sex Worker’

Many aspects of the NFL are shady. It has many felons, drug users, husband beaters, drunks, and woke nut job types. Add another log on the fire as 2022’s first overall draft pick has been offered a “freebie” by a Las Vegas “sex worker.” 

Roxanne Price, a 27-year-old licensed “sex worker” at the Chicken Ranch Brothel near Las Vegas, is so grateful for the revenue the NFL Draft has brought her this month that she offered the first collegian drafted a free “sex romp.”  

“The least I can do is offer the top draft pick the most valuable thing I possess, my premium erotic services at no charge,” Price told TMZ. Price said, “It is my way of saying, ‘Thank You’ to athletes that inspire and support us all.” 

Winner of 2017 Lover of the Years award, the winner of the Lover of the Year Award promised to select draft No. A complimentary chauffeur service is included and the winner promised to fulfill his “fantasies”. You can schedule your event as you wish. 

The Toronto Sun described Price as a dark-haired, hazel-eyed beauty who is “shy, quirky, open-minded and easy-going.” She likes “sweet, caring, and compassionate” men, and her fantasy is to attend an orgy. 

The NFL and the first draft pick should also be happy to know Price is fully vaccinated against COVID, Outkick’s Anthony Farris reported. Her sleazy business ventures are kept secret. 

TMZ said the first collegian to hear his name announced by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell (in photo above) tonight, and the potential recipient of a romp with Price could be Travon Walker of Georgia or Aidan Hutchinson of Michigan.  

Farris commented sarcastically: “Just when we thought all hope was lost in this crazy world, Price steps up and delivers. If some of this weekend’s prospects had half the commitment to excellence that Price does, they’d hear their names called much sooner.” 

Ms. Price is surely a skilled practitioner of “the oldest profession.” A perfect match for the National Football League. 

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