‘ShutdownDC’ Abortion Fanatics Escalate Alarming Threats as Joe Biden Buries Head in the Sand – Opinion

We reported earlier on the disturbing incident that took place at a D.C. restaurant Wednesday night where Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had to be ushered out the back door of the establishment because so-called “protesters” outside were making a scene and disrupting him and other patrons as they tried to eat a meal, a familiar tactic of radical far-left groups.

This incident occurred just one month after Nicholas John Roske, 26, was arrested on suspicion of trying to assassinate Kavanagh at Kavanagh’s home. It happened only a few weeks following his doxxing. His home address and the addresses of other conservative Supreme Court Justices were posted to Twitter with maps shortly after the Supreme Court majority draft opinion had been leaked. The leak indicated that the court was poised to reverse the decision. Roe v. Wade.

Now that our nation’s highest court has done exactly that, radical abortion fanatics have taken cues from the likes of Reps. Maxine Waters and AOC and have vowed to make sure the conservative Justices know “no peace” wherever they go, a dangerous tactic encouraged by Democrats like Waters during the Trump administration.

ShutDownDC, the group heavily involved in organizing the illegal “protests” outside the Justices’ homes ahead of the court’s ruling, appears to have been behind Wednesday night’s organized brouhaha based on the tweet they posted at the time:

Alarmingly, they put out another tweet Thursday – which Twitter is allowing to stay up despite their pledge to keep Twitter a safe environment free from people who organize targeted harassment campaigns – calling on “DC service industry workers” to tip them off if they spot any of the Justices out and about so they can quickly get their team of agitators together and go harass them some more:

As we also noted earlier, this was their response to the restaurant’s criticism of their campaign (language warning):

What is Joe Biden doing? Trying to circumvent the court’s decision via executive orders, instructing the DOJ to do the same, and calling Supreme Court conservatives “extremists,” and in the process adding fuel to the already-dangerous fire. Incredibly, his spokespeople are labeling what happened Wednesday night “democracy” in action.

To date, Biden himself has not directly condemned the assassination attempt on Kavanaugh, though it was a direct threat against an American institution, the type of thing we’ve been told by Biden, his fellow Democrats, and the mainstream media for 18 months now was wrong to do when it was a ragtag group of Trump supporters breaching the Capitol.

As I’ve said before, disagreements with Supreme Court rulings are one thing. How Biden has reacted in response to the Supreme Court’s decision has not been the way a world leader should act. In the midst of all the emotion from both sides surrounding this issue, and the dangerous escalation in the rhetoric and actions of abortion proponents, one would hope that the President of the United States would work to try and turn down the temperature if for no other reason than to potentially head off another attempt on a SCOTUS Justice’s life at the pass. But that’s not what Biden has done. In fact, he’s made matters worse.

Joe Biden is telling us who he really is – again.

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