Shock Poll out of Pennsylvania Will Have Dr. Oz Sweating – Opinion

Is Kathy Barnette’s momentum in Pennsylvania real? A new poll of the state’s GOP Senate primary suggests it is.

Barnette, who is basically in a three person race with Dr. Mehmet Z and David McCormick gained fame recently following a viral debate performance. Among her most memorable moments was calling out Oz and McCormick for their association with the World Economic Forum. This is perhaps the most dangerous globalist group on the planet. Oz’s long-standing pro-abortion beliefs were also criticized by her.

Barnette was still third in the poll at the time, though she was close to the top. Now, she’s rocketed into second and is in a statistical tie with Oz.

Donald Trump’s endorsement of Oz doesn’t seem to be having the same effect his endorsement of J.D. Vance. That’s because of the difference in quality between the candidates. Vance was a Marine and served in Iraq. He came from very little, but he became a popular leader. One can quibble about some of his positions, but there’s no denying he’s a good candidate, especially in a state like Ohio.

The same can’t be said for Oz, who has a long history of being a man of the left, to the point where there’s almost no position he holds today that isn’t a contradiction. Every now and then, that works out, but I think a lot of Pennsylvanians aren’t wanting to take the chance.

Back to Barnette, I want to point out a smear that’s going around and debunk it. This tweet will explain.

Did Barnette support Black Lives Matter? And call for defunding the police in 2020? It’s simple: no.

Rather, she used the hashtags, which were top trends at the time, to call attention to a video (which is what is linked in the post she’s retweeted) in which she criticizes BLM and the movement to defund the police. In short, don’t be fooled by anyone pushing the idea she was a “liberal” back in 2020. She wasn’t, and Oz is going to have to try a lot harder than that to get her out of the way.

Are we looking at major upsets? I’m not going to make any grand predictions, but there’s certainly a real race going on in Pennsylvania now. If there has ever been a time that Trump’s endorsement should be eschewed, this is it.

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