SHOCK: NBC Reports Hunter Biden ‘Under Growing Scrutiny’ Over His Finances

NBC Nightly News ended its forty-seven-day silence on the mounting scandals surrounding Joe Biden’s drug-addict son Hunter on Wednesday when anchor Lester Holt and Washington correspondent Hallie Jackson reminded viewers who may have forgotten about Hunter Biden’s financial & legal problems. 

Despite NBC reporting on President Biden’s criminal son, both ABC’s World News TonightCBS Evening NewsThe story was ignored. Instead, they would rather focus on the U.S. women’s soccer team winning a lawsuit over equal pay and local weather reports. 

Jackson opened her report by revealing the “President’s son [is]Hunter Biden, a federal prosecutor in Delaware is investigating his finances and whether or not he has broken federal tax law. Now a representative for Mr. Biden tells NBC News his bill from the IRS about two million dollars, has been paid off.” 



Yet the President’s son paying off the money he owes to the IRS doesn’t end his legal troubles, because as NBC legal analyst Chuck Rosenberg noted, “paying the tax bill, if in fact, that’s what he did, doesn’t undo the crime” and he even compared it to “returning money to a bank that you robbed. You still robbed the bank.” 

Yet despite having not paid over two million dollars in taxes that he owed until now, Hunter Biden managed to spend “more than $200,000 a month on things like luxury hotel rooms, cash withdrawals, dental work, and payments on a Porsche according to documents on the hard drive” that NBC News had obtained from his laptop. 

It’s not as if that reckless spending left Hunter little money to pay his taxes, because NBC reported Hunter and his company “brought in about $11 million between 2013 and 2018 including some years in which his father was Vice President.” 

Hunter made that money as “an attorney, a board member to a Ukrainian gas company accused of bribing a prosecutor, and for a joint venture involving a Chinese businessman now accused of fraud.” 

Towards the end of the report, NBC’s investigative correspondent Tom Winter believed that the “immediate focus appears to be for the President and Hunter Biden is whether or not there will be any charges as a result of this federal criminal investigation.” 

This bias by omission from ABC & CBS was made possible by PrevagenABC News, ABC Television.amp; AllstateCBS. The information of both is linked. 

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NBC Nightly News
Eastern, 7:15:27

HALLIE JACKSON : President’s child is being scrutinized more closely tonight because federal prosecutors are in Delaware looking into Hunter Biden, and whether he has broken federal tax laws. A representative of Mr. Biden says that his IRS bill, which was approximately two million dollars in total, has been settled. According to two people who are familiar with the situation, the money was paid by Kevin Morris, a Hollywood attorney best known for negotiating a South Park TV deal.

Is Hunter Biden now exempt from any tax liability? 

CHUCK ROSENBERG, NBC LEGAL ANALYST: Just because he paid the tax bill, it doesn’t make the crime go away. You would return the bank money that you have robbed. It’s still theft.

JACKSON. The president’s son and company made about $11,000,000 between 2013-2018, including years when his father was Vice President. He also served as an attorney to a Ukrainian company that is being investigated for bribing a prosecutor. Also, he worked as a board member of a Ukrainian gas company. Joe Biden, then-candidate for the presidency denied that his son had profited from a China connection. 

JOE BIDEN – My son is not making money from this. 

JACKSON: Hunter Biden received almost $5 million from a joint venture that was funded by a Chinese energy firm. According to the documents on the hard disk, a snapshot of Hunter Biden’s spending shows that he spent over $200,000 per month for five months between late 2017 and early 2018. This included luxury hotels, cash withdrawals and dental work. Hunter Biden acknowledged that he struggled with drug addiction during the period. 

TOM WINTER, NBC NEWS INVESTIGATIVE COMMANDER: It seems that the immediate concern is for Hunter Biden and President Obama about whether there are any criminal charges arising from this federal investigation. 

JACKSON: Hunter Biden’s laptop a subject of controversy after documents recovered from it were brought to light by the Biden’s political opponents. Some cybersecurity experts suggested that the laptop was a Russian disinformation campaign. Numerous news outlets have since authenticated emails sent from this laptop by several other organizations. Rudy Giuliani provided NBC News with a hard disk copy. President Trump has stood by his son. 

PETER DOOCY – Are you certain that your son didn’t do anything wrong? 

BIDEN: I’m confident. 

JACKSON: Hunter Biden denied any illegal business transactions. 

HUNTER BIDDEN: I have been fully cooperating and am 100 percent sure that my innocence will come out at the conclusion of this investigation. 

JACKSON – Experts say that family members who aren’t employed in government offices and have not been elected to office by the President don’t need to follow any ethics guidelines. 

WALTER SHUB (FORMER DIRECTOR, U.S. OPERATION OF GOVERNMENT ETHICS) Hunter Biden looks a lot like someone whose main profession is to be Joe Biden’s son. But, unless Joe Biden has a direct connection, it’s more of an attack on one individual than a government official, or administration. 

JACKSON – Hunter Biden’s attorney didn’t comment on it and the White House did not respond to our request. Lester?

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