Shock: ABC Honors ‘Real Hero’ Who Killed Mass Shooter With His Legal Firearm

An Indiana man with a gun saved many lives on Sunday night. He stopped a mass shooter from causing more destruction and mayhem. CBS MorningsOn dispatched the inconvenient portion of the story in just one sentence, and only 26 seconds was left to tell the whole story. 

What’s probably more shocking, however, is that ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today devoted substantial coverage to it. GMA offered three minutes and four seconds and even featured the Greenwood chief of police who said this:

It was the lawful bearer of a gun in the food court who was able stop the shooter nearly as quickly as he started.



Reporter Alex Perez explained, “A good Samaritan being hailed the hero after he shot and killed the shooter with his own gun.” He added of the so-far unidentified man: “Police say the heroic 22-year-old man who stopped the shooting was legally carrying a firearm.” 

Trois people died, however authorities claimed that the gunman was carrying several magazines and was planning to massacre many more. Even liberal GMA co-host George Stephanopoulos allowed, “A 22-year-old who police say was legally carrying a firearm stopped the shooter.” 

NBC’s TodayThe story was told for two minutes 53 seconds. Reporter Maggie Vespa noted: 

Indiana police have yet to release the name of the good Samaritan but claim that the 22-year old man played a key role in stopping the attack ….. Greenwood mayor, Indiana expressed his gratitude for the unnamed good Samaritan. This individual saved lives by adding an additional statement. 

In contrast, CBS MorningsThe private citizen who saved lives was allowed only 26 seconds to write one sentence.

Since that Uvalde shooting, there have been at minimum 138 mass killings. It happened yesterday at an Indiana shopping center. A man in Greenwood opened fire in a Greenwood food court with a gun and killed three people. According to police, the shooter was killed and shot by an unidentified bystander whom they call a Good Samaritan. A 12-year old girl was also among the victims. She is expected to recover. It is not clear what the motive behind this mass shooting was. 

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CBS Mornings
7:08AM ET 

VLAD DUTHIERS – Let us point out that there have been at most 138 mass shootings across America since Uvalde. It happened yesterday at an Indiana shopping center. In Greenwood, a man set fire to a firearm and opened fire on three victims. According to police, the gunman was killed and shot by an unidentified bystander they call a Good Samaritan. A 12-year-old girl, who was also hurt in the attack, is expected to recover. It is not clear what the motive behind this mass shooting was. 

Good Morning America
7:02 AM ET 

ALEX PEREZ The hero was a good Samaritan who shot and killed his shooter using his gun. 

MAN: I heard the gun go off, and it was loud. Then, the guns started to pop. 

PEREZ – Police claim that the brave 22-year-old who stopped the shooting was legally carrying a gun. 

CHIEF JIM ISON, Greenwood police department: This citizen was legally carrying a gun in the food court. He was able stop him almost immediately after he started. 

PEREZ: Thank you to Amy, for being a good Samaritan. 

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS : Police say that a 22-year-old stopped the gunman by legally possessing a firearm. Authorities say the gunman was armed with several magazines of  ammunition. 

PEREZ: Police say the gunman owned several ammunition magazines. That good Samaritan is a hero, they say.

7:08AM ET

MAGGIIE VESPA: Officials also claim that it was an innocent bystander who intervened to stop the tragedy from getting worse and eventually kill the shooter.

VESPA: Police say that an armed man shot the gunman and then killed him. 

CHIEF JIM ISON: Greenwood police Department. It seems that a good Samaritan who was armed saw the shooting and fired at the gunman. 

VESPA:  Meanwhile, Indiana police aren’t releasing the so-called good Samaritan’s name but say the 22-year-old man was key in stopping Sunday’s attack….The mayor of Greenwood, Indiana, extending his thanks to that also unnamed good Samaritan, adding in a statement this person saved lives. 

HODA KOTB There is no word on the motive. 

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