Shipping Mistakes Can Cost Your Business Big-Time, Money, and Customers

Shipping has become one of the cornerstones of modern business. Unfortunately, mistakes in shipping can prove expensive for any organization.

Errors in shipping processes can lead to lost revenue, customer dissatisfaction, and unnecessary overhead costs. This article will highlight some of the most frequently committed shipping mistakes and how to prevent them.

1. Not Having a Shipping Plan

Just one mistake in shipping can cost your business dearly in terms of time, money and customer loyalty. From incorrect bill of lading information to failing to adhere to country-specific regulations, shipping mistakes can be expensive and damaging to both reputation and finances.

Proper measurements and weights of your packages are key for accurate shipping charges, while incorrect dimensions or weights could result in FBA check-in delays, rejections, returns or listing suspension.

Audit invoices to prevent overcharging for items not included on your package and limit damages. Falcon Fulfillment can help reduce shipping costs, improve invoice transparency and provide the right-size packaging needed to prevent damage. Reach out now – our team is standing by! RBW

2. Not Having a Shipping Label

Shipping is an integral component of online commerce and customer obsession is crucial to business success. A mistake in shipping can cost companies money, customers and more!

Shipping labels provide vital clues as to the route taken by packages on their journey from origin to destination, including vital details about origin, destination and carrier. Without them it would be impossible to ascertain when your package left your warehouse, was picked up by its carrier and which stops along its journey might have occurred.

An error of this nature typically arises from new hires in the shipping room making an errorful purchase and sending the wrong item to customers, both expensive and embarrassing for all involved parties. Such errors emphasize why it is essential for employees to receive comprehensive training regularly.

3. Not Having a Shipping Confirmation

Shipping confirmations can be an integral component of delivering an exceptional customer experience. They should provide details about orders, shipping methods, delivery dates, payment information and related links so customers are kept up-to-date with their purchases and remain confident about them. Also be sure to include links for relevant FAQs as well as returns or store locations so customers can quickly get their questions answered and reduce frustration or time spent mediating mistakes or miscommunication.

4. Not Having a Shipping Label

Shipping labels provide both humans and machines with crucial information regarding where a package originated from, where it’s going, its weight and any other necessary details to transport it efficiently. Without them, packages could become delayed in transit, delivered incorrectly or lost altogether – costs your company money, dissatisfied customers and ultimately damaging its reputation.

Shipping labels also serve to communicate any special instructions for transport, such as fragile, perishable or hazardous items that must be handled carefully. Any information related to such materials should be clearly listed on their labels to avoid confusion that could result in costly damages and delays during delivery.

Although mistakes in warehouse shipping are unavoidable, avoiding these 7 common freight shipping mistakes will help save both time and money while creating a positive customer experience. Falcon Fulfillment’s logistics expertise allows us to reduce shipping costs while improving invoice accuracy while providing right-sized packaging – contact us now for more details!

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