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They want you believe that progressives are trying to stop parents from being concerned about children’s reading habits in schools and libraries. Indeed, they have been pushing this ridiculous “book banning” narrative for the past few months. This story shows that this is not a line of thought the hard left believes in.

According to The Federalist:

In Wyoming, community members notified the police department about explicit books in the local library’s youth section. “Sex is a Funny Word,” written by Cory Silverberg and illustrated by Fiona Smyth, is one such book. This book was added to the American Library Association Reading List 2016.

Intended for those as young as 7-year-old second graders, the book has been featured in middle school libraries and discusses the “subjects of transgender identity, intersex conditions, and masturbation.” It also erroneously claims that “having a penis isn’t what makes you a boy. Having a vulva isn’t what makes you a girl. The truth is much more interesting than that!”

The background of the writer is even more troubling.

Silverberg is the author of four books about sexual topics. Only one was written for children. His latest book, “You Know, Sex,” which has not yet been released, covers such topics as “pornography,” “stigma,” and “gender,” according to The Federalist. The author says the book is “essential” for kids.

Silverberg also co-owns a Toronto sex shop. On his website, he identifies himself as a “founding member of Come As You Are Co-operative.”

But Silverberg’s business is more than just your run-of-the-mill sex shop. On its website, the company has a section for “Kids, Parents, and Teens Books” which includes “sex positive guides for younger folk.”

Source: The Federalist

The kid’s section carries books like “Gender Creative Child,” a guide to masturbation, and “Woke Parenting,” which seeks to help readers “raise your kids to be feminist, anti-racist,” and “gender-inclusive.” Silverberg’s own books are also featured on the site.

The library in Wyoming is not the only one carrying Silverberg’s work. After a quick search on Austin Public Library’s website, I found the book listed. The book appears to be available in many libraries.

In recent months, the left used a different tactic to attack parents worried about how their children were exposed to the content in school. There is still much debate about Critical Race Theory (CRT). Other problematic issues, such as sexually explicit material being found in classrooms or school libraries, are becoming apparent. Parents are asking their government for help.

However, progressives intent on defending inappropriate material in schools are trying to deflect from the issue by claiming those seeking to remove sexually explicit material are engaging in “book banning.” It is nothing more than a cynical political tactic designed to conjure images of Nazis burning books. These people are crazy about Hitler.

Unfortunately, it is not the only story about progressives trying to sexualize children young. They believe that this will make a child healthier and help them become healthy adults. Many parents realize that this material may not be suitable for everyone, so they are taking action. The more these books are exposed, the better it will be for America’s children.

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