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Did you ever get rejected? I am sorry to hear that you have been rejected. This could refer to the wrong you did to others and similar-snubbed people, according to a lawsuit.

Earlier this month at Pennsylvania’s Sesame Place theme park, two young cousins tried to high-five a costumed character. The parading life-sized puppet signaled “no” and sashayed away.

This video has gone viral

This episode created quite a stir even here. RedState’s Bonchie announced, “I regret to inform you that weird green-looking mascots named Rosita from Sesame Street are now the face of racism in America.” Our colleague Jeff Charles charged, “Sesame Street is a white supremacist production and should be shut down immediately.”

Bonchie provided context for the clip.

A statement from Sesame Street claims the mascot didn’t see the two black children. … According to people on the scene, Rosita wasn’t waving off the first white woman or the two black children. Instead, the group was motioning frequently to an individual behind the crowd to ask for a baby. Given safety concerns, that would make sense.

Yet, racism was claimed.

Sesame Workshop got a strange reply. It reacted to the initial assertion of confusion with a series of amusing remarks.

We sincerely apologize to the family for their experience in our park on Saturday; we know that it’s not okay. We will do our best to make things right. This is what we are determined to do.

The company pledged to put its workers through “bias training.”

On June 19th, Jeff Charles observed that the girls’ family had retained an attorney. Jeff joked that Sesame Place “should have to donate at least $2 million to Black Lives Matter each year for a decade.”

It appears a new family is trying to outdo his $20 million prescription — by five million dollars.

The Associated Press

Baltimore-based family sued Sesame street-themed amusement parks for $25m over claims of racism. The claim is that several costumed characters failed to notice a five-year-old Black girl last month during a meet-and greet.

The lawsuit comes in the wake of a video, shared widely on social media, showing two other Black girls apparently being snubbed…

The suit — filed in federal court against Sesame Place owner SeaWorld Parks — calls to “pervasive and appalling race discrimination.”

Four employees accused of dressing up as Sesame Street characters during the June 18 meet-and greet were accused of failing to pay attention to Quinton Burns’ daughter Kennedi Burns or other Black guests. The lawsuit says “SeaWorld’s performers readily engaged with numerous similarly situated white customers.”

During a press conference held Wednesday, one of the family’s attorneys, Malcolm Ruff, called for transparency from SeaWorld and for the company to compensate the Burns family. The lawsuit was filed at the U.S. District Court Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

It is of the type of class action suit; many families have made similar claims.

As for Jodi Brown — mother to one of the girls in the initial video — she’s rejected Sesame Place’s public apology.

And on Wednesday, the Daily Mail noted Congress’s involvement:

Following viral footage of a Sesame Street costumed character greeting two 6-year-old girls, members from the Congressional Black Caucus asked for a meeting at the park.

Jodi demanded that the pernicious individual in the suit be destroyed

It’s a stunning amount of blowback from a headshake and a forefinger’s wag. But these are the days of vital visibility, when microaggressions amount to “death by a thousand cuts.” Sesame Place had better construct their suits with more eye-holes — so everyone can sufficiently feel seen.

In the meantime, maybe $25 million will serve as a salve for those who’ve been hurt.



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