Senegalese Soccer Player Won’t Flop for Gay Agenda

Strange to say about a sport full of knee-grabbing, roll-on-the ground agony fakers, but there’s a soccer player in France who refuses to flop, even when accused of the dreaded homophobia.

Fox reports that Idrissa Gueye, a Senegalese midfielder for Paris Saint-Germain, recently sat out a game for what coach called “personal reasons. But the Inquisition said that Gueye did this to keep the team’s rainbow-themed jersey.

The team wore the special jerseys as part of an “operation to raise awareness of the fight against discrimination,” in the words of council president Patrick Anton. Gueye did not appear to be present, so the team continued to display its virtues. 

In the wake of Gueye’s refusal Anton delivered the French soccer version of “Bake the cake, bigot:”:

These rumors may be false or baseless. In that case, we request you to speak up immediately to end these rumors. You are invited to attach a photograph of yourself in the jersey, as an example. These reports (rumors) may also be true. If so, please take stock and assess the effects of your actions. 

You have a great career. It would be a shame if it happened. 

So far, the athlete hasn’t humiliated himself, even if he may be in the wrong sport. Gueye was defended by some prominent countrymen, to their credit. Fox News:

Macky Sall of Senegal tweeted his support to Gueye, while Abdoul Mbaye (ex-Prime Minister) defended him.

Mbaye said Gueye “is not homophobic. Mbaye said Gueye does not wish his image used to encourage homosexuality. Leave him alone.”

Gueye is a yellow card holder, Mr. Prime Minister. If he doesn’t bust out the rainbow sackcloth, red may be on its way. 

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