Selective Outrage: Morning Joe Condemns Cancellation of Fellow Lib Whoopi

Everyone recalls Morning JoeHow can you complain about the cancellation of a conservative? Or defending all-purpose iconoclast Joe Rogan, currently in the crosshairs of the cancel crowd? They’re usually pushing for a Republican resignation. 

Let’s not forget to look at a liberal friend. Morning Joe will passionately protest cancel culture!

Here’s the most recent example Morning JoeTonight’s episode featured Joe Scarborough’s outrage about cancellations. Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, and Joe Scarborough expressed outrage at Whoopi Goldberg’s two-week suspension. The ViewHer insensitive and uninformed remarks on the Holocaust.


This is an inexplicable need to judge and punish people. . . It would seem that Whoopi Goldberg’s cancellation would bring an end to this whole thing. The cancel culture is becoming so outlandish.” 

Scarborough is seconded

Please help me to understand., Eddie [Glaude Jr.]Cancell culture is a topic we often discuss. 

“Whoopi goldberg has made an offensive comment. Whoopi Goldberg apologizes. Whoopi Goldberg is promoted to head the ADL. Whoopi accepts an apology from the head of ADL. What am I doing wrong?  

Joe and Mika hatched a sly conspiracy theory about Whoopi’s suspension without stating it.Scarborough was curious who, at ABC, thought that this “amazing” person was.Frail,”So, to suspend her. Mika stated that suspension was necessary to suspend her.It seems to be more about another thing.”It is not necessary to explain what “something else” could be. 

This isn’t the first instance of this.Morning Joe A fellow liberal who was caught in cancel culture has come to his defense. This year: We saw Mika helping Alexi McCammond to recover. McCammond’s tenure was halted before McCammond took over as editor in chief. Teen VogueWhen old tweets were found in which, this site was considered to be hard-left. She spoke of “swollen Asian eye” and “stupid Asian assistant”.

Brzezinski did not mention the tweets as offensive, but rather referred to them. McCammond was allowed to portray herself as the victim, saying:

These last weeks were really difficult.To be certain, this is not only a matter of opinion.Für mich… but not for everyone in the AAPI Community and all others who were affected by this.” 

Here’s what I wrote back then: 

“Uninformed viewers could have been misled into believing that Alexi He was the one who forgives others. Their transgressions!” 

Und Morning JoeChris Matthews was another MSNBC lib who condemned the cancel culture and was made to retire. 

Morning Joe The selective outrage should be abandoned. Joe, Mika and all other conservatives should be condemned. Or, your demonstrations against cancelling culture are false. It amounts to defending your liberal friends.

And speaking of liberals helping liberals, Scarborough cited the fact that the head of the Anti-Defamation League accepted Whoopi’s apology—as if that closes the case.  ADL: has been essentially a liberal interest organization, advocating “progressive” positions on a range of issues.

Note:The Late ShowWith Stephen Colbert Goldberg seemed to be shifting blame to those who heard her remarks, saying: “I’m very upset thatMany people missunderstandThis is what I said.”

Morning Joe protesting cancel culture in the case of the two-week suspension of Whoopi Goldberg from The View was sponsored in part by Sling TV, GlaxoSmithkline, maker of Trelegy, and CarFax.

You can find the transcription here.

Morning Joe
6:40 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH Please help me to understand., Eddie [Glaude Jr.] Cancell culture is a topic we often discuss. Whoopi has not been cancelled, but she was, and she’s still being suspended. 

Whoopi Goldberg made an offensive comment. Whoopi Goldberg apologises for the offensive statement. Whoopi Goldberg offers his sincere apologies to anyone who was hurt or harmed by this offensive statement. Whoopi Goldberg invites the ADL head to the show so that they can talk about it more and give more insight.

SCARBOROUGH: Head of the ADL apologo —

MIKA: Appreciates it.

SCARBOROUGH: — Accepts Whoopi’s ApologyIt is something she appreciates and that she considers herself a loyal ally to the Jewish Community. So, what’s the problem? 

. . . 

SCARBOROUGH – Now I’d like to find out. ABC: Who’s so fragile at ABC?Someone who’s so weak that they don’t get it.


. . . 

MIKA BRZEZINSKI:  Whoopi Goldberg? Everybody knows Whoopi Goldberg. Her television career spans decades. Since decades she’s put herself out there. 

If she doesn’t speak her mind, you’re not paying attention! So that is why The two-week suspension seems to me more about some other thingThis is something we might need to put behind us. That is. This is an incredible need to judge and punish people.

SCARBOROUGH, and cancel people.

MIKA: If they make a mistake or learn something from the open, with everyone watching. . . It is my hope that everyone learns something about grace from the show. Forgiveness. It is more about a place of kindness. That may not be as well-received.

This is the truth, however. This is what’s going to start getting absurd.What do I mean? If Whoopi Goldberg were to be canceled that would mean — that would mark the endThat would be the end. It is becoming increasingly difficult to cancel. 

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