Seattle Police Improperly Faked Reports of Armed Proud Boys Near CHOP Last Year – Opinion

The BLM occupied the Seattle Capitol Hill region in 2020. It was first called the CHAZ (Capitol Hill Authorized Zone), then the CHOP (“Capitol Hill Occupied Protest). The BLM wouldn’t let the police into the area generally, and the police were left up the creek without a paddle with how to deal with some of the issues that the occupation created. This was a dangerous and violent situation.

But, now there’s word that the Seattle police did something to try to blunt the BLM action that could be extremely problematic. Multiple officers feigned seeing Proud Boys in armed poses on their scanners to fool the CHOP personnel and scare them off from particular areas. According to the Seattle Times, it was an “approved misinformation” technique, from bosses — not just a random move by officers.

According to the Office of Police Accountability, this, not surprisingly, didn’t improve the situation; it made things worse, “The use of the Proud Boys when it was known that the transmissions would be monitored took a volatile situation and made it even more so,” OPA Director Andrew Myerberg said. He said it “added fuel to the fire.”

Bryan Grenon, a SPD captain was the mastermind behind this scheme. He said he came up with it as “an innocent way” to distract the protesters. He said there wasn’t any intent to put out a false narrative about the Proud Boys or to “cause alarm.”

Oh. You jacked people up, causing them to act unhinged, such as occupying the region, in the conceit that they would be attacked. How do you imagine them responding? You wonder how they would react to Proud Boys who accidentally stumble upon the fake ruse. If they thought they were being stalked, this stoked their potential threat to Proud Boys.

Converge Media’s Omari Salisbury said that caused more of the BLM folks to arm themselves.

It is possible that they were involved in multiple shootings at the CHOP. One involved BLM security officers who shot on two teenage drivers, killing Antonio Mays (16) and injuring another 14 year old. Did the CHOP personnel think they were under attack because of this ruse? Meanwhile, where’s the investigation into that shooting and what the BLM was doing shooting up a car?

OPA stated that this was an improper police action, but it is not being punished. Grenon was the one behind this ruse. He is now retired. OPA said the officers who followed Grenon’s directions would not be punished.

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