Schumer Laughs About Protests at SCOTUS Justices’ Homes as Justice Alito Goes Into Hiding – Opinion

The Democrats don’t seem to care about protecting the integrity of another branch of government, the Supreme Court. Rather, they seem content allowing the Court to be intimidated during consideration of a pending decision, simply declaring “peaceful protest” much as CNN did during the BLM/Antifa riots.

As we reported, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was encouraging the protests to specifically change the opinion of the Court, and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki is treating the Court’s safety and integrity as though it’s just about a battle with the Republicans and she has no responsibility to the Court or the law.

Reporters also asked Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority leader, what his opinion was on protests. Schumer then made a vague threat against the justices, claiming some of his colleagues had lied about the Senate. This was also a lie. In his latest remarks, Schumer downplayed the threats to the justices, saying he was constantly being protested and didn’t address the law that prohibits such protest meant to influence judges. Schumer also joked about protests.

“That’s the American way to peacefully protest,” Schumer said.

No, it isn’t the “American way” to protest at people’s homes or to obstruct justice in a pending case. And it’s not the American way to laugh at intimidating the Supreme Court. It’s wrong to go to a politician’s home but at least they are supposed to be subject to political opinion. Courts are not independent. They should provide a refuge from political interference. Mobs cannot force judges to take decisions. That’s why there’s a federal law against it.

That’s why the polls are resoundingly rejecting this Democratic approach and protests at the homes of the justices. It’s the American way to support the rule of law that Democrats are ignoring here. Can we say supporting insurrection?

Schumer seems to take it all lightly, no matter the threats made on social media. Justice Samuel Alito — who wrote the leaked draft opinion — has reportedly had to flee his home, according to Katie Pavlich, who confirmed it with law enforcement and noted that our Townhall colleague Rebecca Downs has also received threats just for reporting it.

Yet Schumer laughs and doesn’t take it seriously. Who are you to trash norms yet again?

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