Scarborough Still Freaking Out Over Jan. 6, Cries ‘Fascist’ 12 Times for Trump and His ‘Lackeys’

On Wednesday’s Good morning, Morning Joe! I was furious at the Secret Service’s decision to delete text messages from January 6. Scarborough claimed that the deletions were an intentional and malicious cover-up due to Trump’s politicization the Secret Service.  What stood out, however was Scarborough’s use of the term “fascist”, to describe Trump twelve times. This included the planned “fascist Takeover” for the day before riots. 

Scarborough took part in an old liberal favorite: calling out Biden’s Attorney Merrick Galrland for being too partisan. He bellowed, “hey Merrick!” and demanded that Garland indict Trump’s Secret Service “lackeys” with perjury, convict, then “thrown in prison.”

Scarborough was furious that Trump’s image appeared at the conclusion of the segment. 

“There’s The fascistThere’s also the fascist They tried to take down the American democracy. . . He sits around eating and getting fatter while he plays golf.



MSNBC Republican Elise Jordan said that you shouldn’t exclude government bungling and that this is “idiocracy that happens a few days after some as.” hugeAs early as January 6, they will continue with their planned migration. Und This just appears to be utter stupidity combined with the incompetence and bureaucratic incompetence of government agencies.

Scarborough wouldn’t agree to that: It is malicious, but I don’t think it is. It’s malicious. No one is that stupid. Not even the most corrupt bureaucrats.

Jim-Tammy Faye BakkerScarborough added that Trump’s rioters are now in prison because they believe the “fascist lies”. “The Jim Faye Bakker and Tammy Faye Bakker” 

It is clear that Scarborough views Trump as Jim Bakker (the televangelist, convicted huckster). Scarborough may not know who Tammy Faye is. Joe accuses Melania of being criminal. Or Ivanka, perhaps? Scarborough should not make such ambiguous accusations of criminality. He owes explanation.  

It might be more Joe and Mika if you are looking at a married couple who get rich by making a fool of their supporters. They can even weekend in Nantucket after all the base-arousing talk about “fascist takesovers.”

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough accusing the Secret Service of intentionally, maliciously, deleting text messages from the January 6th period, and demanding that AG Garland prosecute Trump’s “lackeys” in the Secret Service, was sponsored in part by Discover, AT&T, and DirecTV. 

You can find the transcription here.

Morning Joe
6:07 am EDT

JOE SCARBOROUGH, They destroyed the records, of the, of the, of the United States Government employees that were about the guy who was running the country. fascistTo get their text messages and get inside information, takeover the United States government This is what was happening while you were watching this. fascist A plot was being made to overthrow American democracy . . It is, this is, at its core, bad faith. This is a shocking act of incompetence.

ELISE JORDAN : Joe, it’s just not possible for me to dismiss [out of]However, there is the chance that the government might be in serious trouble and cannot do what they need to. Look at how stupid an idiot this man is. They just decided to move forward with planned migration a few days after such a huge event as January 5.

Und This just appears to be utter stupidity combined with the incompetence and bureaucracy of government. 

. . . 

SCARBOROUGH, January 6th: Donald Trump attempted to enter the country. fascist American democracy was overthrown. He ordered Secret Service personnel to report to the Capitol on January 6, so that he could participate in an upcoming election. fascistAmerican democracy overthrown

MIKA BRZEZINSKI : A place where violence reigned.

. . . 

SCARBOROUGH – And now the Trumpers who and who he placed in the Secret Service to politicize it, as Carol Leonnig, Washington Post, reports every day, are denying this. They’ve been lying about many other matters in the past, including Donald Trump’s, and everyone knows it. Now we are supposed to wonder if we would have texts from Secret Service that could back up this. This is supposed to make us believe it wasn’t a bureaucratic gaffe. It doesn’t work like that, unfortunately.

. . . 

It is like those days following Pearl Harbor. All documents are being destroyed by the radar operators.

MIKA: Right.

SCARBOROUGH : There is a base. No! It was not a bureaucratic error. This was because documents were destroyed that would have allowed us to better comprehend what happened. A president had lost at the polls and was trying to win. fascistAmerican democracy overthrown

. . . 

Mika, you know. It’s just not my belief that it isn’t malicious. It is. This is malicious. And particularly when

MIKA: It is possible to get more information.

SCARBOROUGH, Especially when books have been published about Donald Trump’s politicization the Secret Service.

. . . 

Merrick, wake up  Merrick Garland wake up Wake up Merrick! Wake up! Examine this cover-up! In case you aren’t afraid to violate Marquis de Queensbury rules for boxing, I will tell it straight.

An attempted fascist Overthrow of American democracy. The people the taxpayers pay to protect the presidency—not Donald Trump, but the presidency—they destroyed text messages that would have taken us to the heart of the fascist To overthrow American democracy, conspiracy 

Merrick says this is not a typical day at work. Merrick says this is not a day that’s normal at the DHS office. This is not a normal day at the office for, for, or head of DHS. fascist American democracy. That failed.

. . . 

If you don’t mind if? Trump’s Secret Service liars They need to lie, keep them from lying Perjury charges must be filed against them. They need to be tried and convicted.They won’t get Americans to the bottom of this, they aren’t going to do anything. fascist overthrow of American democracy that failed—it’s ridiculous.

MIKA: The next step Morning JoeWe have more information about the Jan 6th Investigation, including some thoughts on what to expect.

SCARBOROUGH: [As image of Trump appears on the screen]There’s also the fascistThere’s also the fascist Who tried to overthrow American democracy.

MIKA: Doesn’t matter who loses his job.

SCARBOROUGH – And doesn’t care who live, or who dies. That’s because he set the stage for people to revolt on January 6th. Now, he sits around eating and getting fatter while playing golf with working-class Americans, who believe his lie. Jim Faye Bakker, Tammy Faye Bakker: The Jim Faye Bakkers of our timesHe believed the lie. They are currently in jail because they believed him. fascist lies.

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