Scarborough Slams GOP Criticism of Biden as ‘Disgrace to America,’ But What About Mika?

Joe Scarborough’s Pro-Marriage-Counseling Tip: Before you criticize in harshest terms those who consider Biden’s handling of Ukraine to be weak, make sure that you are considering the implications for your marriage.

On Wednesday’s Morning Joe, Scarborough called House Republicans who called Biden “weak,” in his handling Ukraine’s crisis, a “disgrace” to America and should “bow in shame”.



Scarborough was off work Tuesday, and apparently did not catch his co-host and wife. Mika Brzezinski describes Biden’s handling of crisis as “inadequate” and “not stronger enough.” You can’t get weaker than that. What about calling a man “inadequate?” Ouch!

Biden’s stated position about those who consider him weak is evident. Viewers should keep watching to hear Joe call Mika a “disgraceful American” and to order her “to bow her head in shame.” 

Joe, do not worry: there will be counselors available for you if you have a relationship crisis.

Joe Scarborough said that House Republicans calling Biden inept in handling the Ukraine crisis a “disgrace” to America should be ashamed. This was sponsored partly by Kraft Kraft Kraft (maker of Subway Cream Cheese and Angi) as well as Liberty Mutual Kraft.

The transcript is here:

Morning Joe
6:06 am ET

JOE SCARBOROUGH, It’s unbelievable Willie. There are actually House Republicans Right now in the middle the worst crisis of Europe since World War II, we are openly attacking. Being critical of President Obama. You claim that he’s weak. He’s weak? Here’s what it looks like to be weak on the global stage. 

House Republicans It is time to be shameful.This is the moment when we are entering the greatest crisis on the international stage since World War II. It is important that you Your shame will make you bow your head. America is disgraced by you.

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