Rumor Has It That Donald Trump Is About to Make a BIG Endorsement in Michigan – Opinion

Michigan GOP! How you entertain me.

However, your shortsightedness and entertainment value are very bad for the State in November 2022.


With just four days to go before the Michigan primary, it seems that POTUS 45 might be available for endorsement.

Start at Detroit News

Former President Donald Trump said Friday morning that he’s still considering endorsing conservative commentator Tudor Dixon to be Michigan’s next governor, a revelation that comes as Dixon’s opponents attempt to prevent him from intervening.

Four days before Tuesday’s primary election, in which Republican voters will pick a nominee to challenge Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Trump posted on his social media website Truth Social that he’s giving Dixon a “good, hard look.”

“All of her supporters are working hard for endorsement/victory,” Trump wrote. “Stay tuned!”

The message from Trump came a day after nine candidates he’s previously endorsed in Michigan wrote him a letter asking him not to work with his former education secretary and GOP mega-donor Betsy DeVos, who has endorsed Dixon.

This summer, the DeVos Family spent money in order to influence over 25 state legislative primary races. They also supported Trump-endorsed candidates for seven of those.

“There is a war going on for the soul of the GOP in Michigan with Trump-endorsed candidates on one side and the establishment DeVos family on the other,” the candidates’ letter obtained by The Detroit News said.

Naturally, any endorsement by Donald Trump is huge news and an enormous benefit for the candidate. As I mentioned earlier, some elements of the Michigan GOP claim they are pro-Trump, but lobby heavily against Trump’s endorsement for Tudor Dixon. The stupidity of some members of the party believing that Trump should do this is shocking. I wrote an article entitled Kevin Rinke is a Michigan Republican Gubernatorial Candidate. Is he a secret fan of Governor Whitmer?

Yet the problem I have — and quite frankly anyone who gives a damn about changing Michigan from a blue state to a red state should also have — is that Rinke wants to smear his opponent on faulty reasoning and by dragging a family that has done more for “conservative” causes than he could ever dream of doing.

Rational people can disagree on policy or actions and I do disagree with Betsy DeVos about her decision to resign two weeks before Trump’s term ended in January of 2021 for the reasons she stated.

The January 6 Commission brilliantly demonstrated that Trump didn’t encourage Hot Heads to march down to Washington and take over the United States government. It is ridiculous that Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney think the man who dressed as one of Village People would be able to install himself Speaker of the House. This is a cute tale, but unfortunately it wasn’t going to be true no matter how many times they tried scaring people at prime time hearings.

It is absurd to discredit the Devos family, their support for causes Kevin Rinke (and all other GOP candidates) claim they support. It sounds more like Whitmer’s Public Relations team would create it to piss off Trump fans and divide the base before November.

Betsy DeVos somehow magically made it seem like a flash in the pan that a family who has supported conservative causes with their hard earned money is now at the mercy of Betsy. Yes, Betsy DeVos was Donald Trump’s Education Secretary and yes she resigned on January 7th in protest of what happened on January 6th. Trump has not done anything that should have been impeached and the witchhunt hearings on January 6th are far more funny than fact-finding. But I am able to separate the decisions I disagree with from the whole of their work. I’m an adult and can think without the benefit of talking points created by grifters acting as if they give a damn about the causes I care about.

So the DeVos family has supported Tudor Dixon in a number of ways and because of that, she is automatically the enemy in terms of the truuuuuuue conservatives — the people who think that President Trump was the greatest thing since sliced bread politically and his mean tweets on Twitter warmed the soul of America.

Now, it appears that Trump will endorse the person who was backed in 2016 and 2020 by his family but who betrayed him with a differing view of an event the progressive media wants to make into the Nuremberg trials. You know that people up in the mitten states can be entertaining at times and this is what makes Democrats win here state-wide.

This tweet teaches me that it is not a good idea to jump on any talking point just because you think it through. This tweet by Garret Soldano, candidate for the Trump endorsement was a good example.

Garrett Soldano will get my vote if Gretchen Whitmer is up against him in November. He lost my vote in the primary on Tuesday due to his use of a low-quality talking point, which was poorly crafted by those who love Trump and America but only love to say they are influential.

I’m done with that nonsense and hopefully, the vast majority of the people of this state I love are also.

If you don’t agree with me or possibly agree with moi that is great, let me know why right HERE at my BIOTell me why. It might happen that I talk about your topic on one of my programs if you’re funny.

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