Ruhle Lets MSNBC Analyst Liken Republicans to ISIS on Abortion

Tuesday, The 11th HourStephanie Ruhle, MSNBC’s host, devoted an entire segment to worrying over the Oklahoma Republicans’ recent abortion ban. She spoke with Barbara McQuade (liberal MSNBC legal analyst) about her concerns.

McQuade stated that Republicans reminds her of ISIS. Ruhle complimented McQuade’s guest by claiming that they make them “smarter” because she appeared on the show.

Ruhle said that Republicans had been pushing for abortion restrictions since the beginning of time and asked McQuade if she thought they were employing a long-term, successful strategy. McQuade attacked pro-life Republicans during her answer:



Is it not strange to feel as if we are living in the present, or that 50 years ago we were back in time? They seem to have been successful. They are successful, as you all know. I compare it to Stephanie’s perception of the Islamic State in the West.We want everyone to follow our religion.

She continued, noting the different beliefs of different religions about when life began.

We are saying that this group’s religious beliefs will allow them to dictate the rules to everyone else. You know what? There are many reasons that this is against our Constitution. Yet, this was the driving force behind a section of the Republican Party for fifty years. The court should be packedThe Federalist Society for Judges or Textualism of Originalism — This was the culmination.

McQuade quickly claimed that Americans should have restrictions on abortion despite polling showing that majority of Americans agree. He suggested that conservatives would need to cheat in order to get power.

This is because the one thing we have witnessed, gerrymandering, voter suppression has allowed far-right groups to have a lot of power over what they really represent. There are certain states with majority Republican voter and majority Republican state, but the majority of American citizens, mostly in cities, favors abortion and is progressive.

Ruhle then gave her praises as Ruhle wrapped up the segment. We are grateful for your presence tonight.

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The following is a transcription:

The 11th Hour: Stephanie Ruhle

April 12, 2022

Eastern at 11:52

STEPHANIE RUHLE: Republicans have been working toward this for decades, and now we are watching them use more creative ways to basically just get abortion banned altogether. Is this a long-term success strategy?

BARBARA McQUADE MSNBC LEGAL ANOLYST: Does it not feel as if we are living in the past and that 50 years ago we were back in time? They seem to have succeeded. They are successful, as you all know. It’s like Stephanie comparing it to ISIS’ view of the world.We want everyone to follow our religion and you will be punished if you don’t. It is interesting to consider that in the United States, Catholics believe life starts at conception. However, Jews and Muslims say it begins at birth.

But, we are implying that the religious views of a certain group will be able to dictate their will to everyone else. This is why I believe there are several reasons it is incompatible with our Constitution. However, for the past 50 years, this segment of Republican party has driven its agenda — the Republican Party. The court should be packedThis was the culmination or the Federalist Society judges — it is the Federalist Society. And I believe we can now see why the focus on courts is so crucial to their politics.

RUHLE. In theory, Barb. Laws are made because the people who elected them to office support them. Does that mean the Oklahoma governor is not hiding his intentions, or is it a statement of the will of the majority in Oklahoma?

McQUADE : That’s interesting, because one thing we have observed is that We have witnessed the far right gaining more power through voter suppression and gerrymandering than what they really represent.. There are certain states where the Republican Party is majority, and there are Republican voters in those states. But, if we look at most Americans, the majority live near urban centers. A majority of Americans are pro-life and support abortion.

RUHLE: Barb, we are always smarter because of you.. Thanks for being here tonight.

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