Ron DeSantis Picks Worthy Fights With the Chinese and the Transgender Lobby – Opinion

While Democrat leaders insist on keeping abortion legal and the sexualization children legal, there are real problems in the world. China has been a major problem in the world, extending its soft power to invade other nations using money and influence.

China has been preying on South American and African poor nations for decades, trapping them in terrible deals to cede sovereignty and land. However, the CCP also has larger plans: To create America.

Fox News interviewed Gov. Ron DeSantis recently slammed the move by China to buy up US farmland and other assets, calling it a “huge problem.”

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis called out China for reportedly buying up massive amounts of property in the Sunshine State, telling “The Ingraham Angle” he signed legislation to curb what he deemed “undue influence from rogue states” like the Chinese Communist Party.

Laura Ingraham, host, reported on the growing concerns about China purchasing American real property, particularly in residential and agricultural sectors.

“I don’t think they should be able to do it,” DeSantis said. “I think the problem is these companies have ties to the CCP, and it’s not always apparent on the face of whatever a company is doing — but I think it’s a huge problem.”

DeSantis said Tallahassee has banned Chinese “Confucius Institutes,” which he said allow CCP influence and propaganda into the higher education system.

I’m of the opinion that any nation that wants to survive can’t allow its enemies to buy it piece by piece. This does not concern traditional domestic markets. Those stop at the nation’s shores. That’s not to say international trade and markets shouldn’t be allowed, but when US national security is at risk, that takes a higher priority than some misguided, globalist principle that China should be able to invest unrestricted in US markets.

Florida’s move to crack down on the practice needs to be followed in other states, but ultimately, it’s going to take federal action. The Washington, DC establishment has been too scared to do anything against China, and is too attached to the communist country.

In the same interview, DeSantis also slammed Rachel Levine, the much-lauded “transgender” HHS official for recent comments promoting “gender-affirming” care.

DeSantis said the term is a “euphemism” for forcing sex changes on the patient, adding there is “no evidence that this is something that’s effective medical care.”

“We know that people that do this when their kids have huge problems going on, so we believe that this is not appropriate in the state of Florida. We don’t think a doctor should get a license if they’re doing it,” DeSantis said, adding physicians performing the surgeries hailed by Levine should be sued by patients who develop problems later in life.

A lot of Republicans get caught up in the trap that they affirm what they disapprove of when it comes to this topic. DeSantis doesn’t play that game, insisting that these kinds of “transitions” of children, including surgery, are harmful and should be illegal. Most people would be able to agree with me. I don’t believe doctors have the right to perform any procedure they wish. Any doctor who mutilates any child must be punished. Personally, I think criminally, but I’m not sure that’s a rail the GOP is ready to touch.

The thing to see about DeSantis’ approach to both the Chinese and the transgender lobby is that he doesn’t just talk. He works to make legislation about the issue. The press has already started throwing a fit about the Florida governor’s attempts to ban “transition care.” You can bet his moves toward China will draw outrage too, perhaps from some on the right.

But to quote one of the few good Star Wars productions under the Disney regime, “this is the way.” Forget just talking. Forget just owning the libs, though, that’s important. It’s important to take action to get results.

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