Ron DeSantis Delivers Perfect Response to Request from ‘The View’ for an Interview – Opinion

Ron DeSantis continued to flex his political muscles on Tuesday after his office delivered a scathing response to a request from ‘The View’ for an appearance on the far-left “news” show.

For years, the radical hosts, including Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar, have lambasted DeSantis as a “fascist” and a murderer (the latter being in relation to COVID policies). More recently, Behar accused the Florida governor of believing there are “good” people among nazis before the show was forced to offer a series of corrections.

In short, ‘The View’ is a garbage dump that deserves absolutely nothing from any Republican. This appears to be DeSantis’ position, according to his response by his deputy press secretary.

That’s how a Republican should treat the liberal media, and the fact that Griffin took the time to dig up quotes from the hosts to bolster his point makes it all the more enjoyable. Behar once called DeSantis a “homocidal sociopath.” Sunny Hostin, perhaps the dimmest host on the show despite having a law degree, has called him a “fascist and bigot.” In another instance, Ana Navarro said DeSantis is “ant-black” while comparing him to dictators Venezuela and Nicaragua. Why in the world would anyone associated with ‘The View’ think that DeSantis would agree to give them the time of day?

My belief is that many Republicans, past and present, were dumb enough to do this, and mainstream media has been trained to assume they enjoy special privileges. Were there any GOP politicians who were able to walk into interviews and ambush Donald Trump? How many Republicans have gone on ‘The View’ to hock a book their promoting, believing the exposure is worth the beating they took? What number of people have appeared on CNN to be unfairly lectured and criticized by Jake Tapper

DeSantis is a master at the game. Instead of handing the liberal press credibility that they don’t deserve by appearing on their shows, he just tells them to pound sand. Yes, they cry bloody murder that he’s against a “free press,” but the Florida governor doesn’t care. He isn’t going to give his enemies fodder for some cheap exposure. That’s a valuable level of discipline.

As someone who has long promoted the strategy of shunning the mainstream media instead of playing into their hands, it’s good to see more and more GOP officials taking that route. All press, contrary to popular opinion, isn’t good press. By playing the game, you can only make the corrupt hacks in media more powerful. Jake Tapper should scream that no Republican will appear on his show. It doesn’t matter what all that means or how it adds up. Even right-leaning news outlets are capable of communicating the message.

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