Rome’s Role in Global Christianity

Religion plays a critical role in human life; human beings are socially and religiously existing. Rome, which is the origin of the worldwide catholic church, has massive congregations all over. Its origin is traced to 380 CE during Emperor Theodosius, who is behind Christianity in Rome. Father Rutler is a Roman catholic ordained Diaconate in early 1980 by His Eminence Willian Cardinal Baum. Later he served as an associate pastor in St. Joseph Bronxville, among other churches. He worked as a Chaplain in Universities and the general hospital. He believes the church has supported Christians and other non Christians all over the world. The Church of Rome has established world-class hospitals that offer quality and subsidized services. Schools right from kindergarten to university have been established, they have employed a good number of people on a formal and informal basis.

Further, he served as a board member in different US schools and colleges. He has been at the forefront of various charitable missionaries. Fr. Rutler believes that Rome has played a vital role in religion. He would be captured on different occasions, such as lectures and television shows on Eternal Word Television Network EWTN, among other avenues. His appearances have attracted many viewers; He is a staunch Roman catholic priest and believer. Fr. Rutler has received numerous awards from universities, and Texan Honorary was given to then-Governor George W. Bush. Father Ruler has contributed to the film industry, where he has made scholarly documentary films. It has led to over 30 books on cultural issues, history, and saints’ lives.
Father George Rutler has contributed at the editorial level of a magazine by the name Crisis, which talks more about religion and its impact on the crisis today. He authored an inspirational book that is the best of its kind by the name A year with FR. Rutler, you need the books? They are available and accessed from Sophia institute press. Fr. George once hosted Steve Bannon, President Trump’s advisor, during a shrine’s inauguration. The 75-year-old defended Pope Benedict XVI’s utterances vehemently. He is one of the influential United States Priests, and he is well known in the catholic world conservatism.  The church further has strongly advocated for morality by being a spiritual guardian of morality for centuries. More contributions of the church of Rome to the world includes success associated with catholic schools. Research on students’ performance from catholic school has revealed they had a better performance than their peers. Different moral values of students who have passed in catholic related schools indicated morally fit citizens. It is proof that quality is ensured, and apart from book education, the teachers, tutors, and lecturers make an extra step of instilling good moral values. They endeavor to provide a holistic kind of education, transforming the lives of many.

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