6 Ways to Reduce the Number of Speeders in a Neighborhood

6 Ways to Reduce the Number of Speeders in a Neighborhood

Nobody likes having cars speeding through their neighborhood. From walking dogs to getting the mail, everything becomes more dangerous when speeding is common. If you have children, then the problem is even more serious. Every speeding driver puts your kids’ lives at risk. Luckily, there’s plenty you can do to put a stop to this dangerous behavior. Keep this advice in mind as you seek to stop the speeding in your neighborhood.

Build A Coalition With Your Neighbors

Regular speeding is a neighborhood-wide probably that requires a community response. That’s why your first move should be reaching out to your neighbors so you can work together to address the problem. Odds are that other people around you are also concerned about the speeding, especially if they have young children. By coming together, you can pool your resources and create a sound, unified strategy.

Reach Out To City And State Authorities

While there’s plenty you can do within your neighborhood, you should start by going to the “higher-ups” in government. By telling the local authorities about the problem, you make it more likely that they’ll use their own resources to help find a solution. They might lower speed limits in the area or send police officers to enforce the law. It will also be helpful to have the authorities on your side if any disputes with speeders arise in the future.

Put Up Signs

Some drivers just need a reminder to watch their speed. We’re all guilty of going a bit faster than we had intended without even realizing it. Make or purchase signs that are clearly visible and straight to the point. Remind motorists that there are children at play in the neighborhood. This will likely guilt them into acting more responsibly. Remember, most speeders aren’t bad people; they just need a quick reminder.

Light Up Crosswalks

Crosswalks are particularly dangerous because pedestrians usually assume that traffic will stop for them. Unfortunately, many drivers (especially speeders) fail to notice the lines and blow right on by. For one thing, make sure that crosswalks have bright yellow signs on each side to catch drivers’ attention. Then, add some lights to ensure the crosswalks are just as visible at night as they are during the day. This might be a bit expensive, but it’s well worth the money. Talk to members of the community so you can raise the necessary funds together.

Speed Bumps

Unfortunately, there are some drivers out there who won’t heed signs, lights, or warnings. For these motorists, the only thing that will slow them down is a physical barrier. Speed bumps might seem extreme and unnecessary, but they’re extremely effective. When they’re in place, drivers have no choice but to slow down unless they want to wreck their vehicles. Speed bumps might be annoying to drive over and expensive to install, but they’re the single best defense against dangerous speeders.

Track Down Repeat Offenders

Sometimes, it seems there are only a few knuckleheads who refuse to follow the speed limit. Whether they’re rebellious teenagers or absentminded moms, they pose a threat to the neighborhood children and deserve a talking to. If you notice that a member of your community is a habitual offender, consider knocking on their door to have a quick word with them. Don’t engage in intimidation or violence. Not only will threats lead to greater confrontation, but they could even represent a crime. Simply explain why you’re concerned about their speeding habit, and ask them kindly to slow down after entering the neighborhood.

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