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Make-Believe Mobster Robert De Niro Says Donald Trump ‘Wouldn’t Last Long’ as a Gangster

Actor Robert De Niro questioned the “gangster” credentials of President Donald Trump during an appearance Saturday on MSNBC. 

De Niro, an outspoken Trump critic who has made a career playing a mobster on screen, suggested that the president’s appeal is based on a gangster-like image. But he told host Joy Reid that Trump couldn’t actually hack it in the underworld.

“I have no idea why they follow him ’cause he’s not even a good gangster,” De Niro said of Trump’s supporters. “He can’t even keep his word about anything.”

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“I think in the real gangster world, he wouldn’t last long,” continued the 76-year-old Hollywood actor, who stars in the new Martin Scorsese gangster movie “The Irishman.” “He lasts long in his own little real estate world, where he’s the boss because he’s the boss and he inherited all that money and he’s a fool. In the real world, he wouldn’t last long. That’s my feeling.”

De Niro also voiced support for the impeachment proceedings against Trump and repeatedly call the president “stupid” and “obtuse” during his appearance on on the “AM Joy” morning show.

De Niro, who played an anxious mafioso in the comedy franchise “Analyze This,” apparently felt qualified to psychoanalyze Trump’s used of terms like “fake news.”

“He calls everything else fake because he knows he’s fake,” said the actor.

De Niro has gone “gangster” on Trump before

It was far from the first time De Niro has struck a tough guy tone regarding Trump — who has hit back by calling De Niro “punch-drunk.”

In a live September appearance on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” De Niro went off on profane tirade about Fox News hosts who support Trump.

“F— ’em, f— ’em,” the actor said of the TV news pundits.

In October, De Niro dropped additional F-bombs in an audio recording that is part of a harassment and gender discrimination lawsuit filed agains him by a former assistant.

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According to the plaintiff, Graham Chase Robinson, De Niro treated her like his “office wife,” and often berated her, as in the recording of a voicemail he left when she did not answer his phone call.

De Niro’s attorney, Tom Harvey, has dismissed the claims.

Robinson is seeking $12 million in damages, double what De Niro is seeking in a countersuit.

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