De Niro Accused of Abusing Female Employee – Made ‘Sexually-Charged Comments to Her’

A former employee of Robert De Niro has accused the Oscar-winning actor of abusive behavior, including making  “sexually-charged comments to her,” in a new lawsuit.

The details of the lawsuit include claims that De Niro left voicemails in which he called the female assistant, Graham Chase Robinson, a “b-tch” and subjected her to “gratuitous unwanted physical contact” for years, Page Six reported.

The allegations were filed Thursday in a Manhattan federal court that handles gender discrimination and wage violations, according to Page Six.

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Robinson joined Canal Productions in 2008 but was “forced to resign” earlier this year.

In the suit, De Niro is accused of clinging to “old mores” and treating Robinson as his “office wife.”

“He does not accept the idea that men should treat women as equals,” the lawsuit reads. “He does not care that gender discrimination in the workplace violates the law. Ms. Robinson is a casualty of this attitude.”

De Niro allegedly urinated while on the phone with Robinson and “stood idly by” while a male friend slapped her on the buttocks.

“Among other things, De Niro would direct Ms. Robinson to scratch his back, button his ties and prod him awake when he was in bed,” according to the complaint.

On one occasion, De Niro allegedly “suggested that Ms. Robinson could get pregnant using sperm from her (married) male co-worker,” the lawsuit reads.

In a recording of a voicemail message linked to by the lawsuit and allegedly directed toward Robinson, De Niro is heard dropping multiple F-bombs and berating her for not answering his calls.

Robert De Niro and Trump

Like the tough-guy characters he’s played in iconic films such as “Goodfellas,” the real-life De Niro has a penchant for expletive-laden outbursts.

Over the weekend, the “Taxi Driver” actor went on a vulgar rant against President Donald Trump during an appearance on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”

De Niro’s anti-Trump stance has earned him the disdain of many conservatives and right-leaning media outlets.

Before responding to host Brian Stelter’s question about the criticism he receives from Fox News, De Niro once again slammed the president in an expletive-laden rant.

“This guy should not be president period,” De Niro said. “F— ’em. F— ’em.”

Stelter chastised the seven-time Academy Award nominee, telling De Niro: “This is cable, so it’s not an FCC violation but it is still Sunday morning.”

“Why do you choose to go that way?” Stelter added.

De Niro responded by comparing Trump to a “gangster.”

“This is terrible. We’re in a terrible situation,” he said.

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“And this guy just keeps going on and on and on without being stopped,” De Niro added.

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