Rittenhouse Prosecution Hoodwinks the Jury Over the Testimony of Their Own Witnesses – Opinion

The prosecution has been presenting its closing argument today, and it’s been a festival of false and misleading information.

We already reported that ADA Thomas Binger the prosecutor claimed you lost the right of self-defense if you brought a gun.

It is completely against the law. It would be impossible to have a self defence case. A person who owns a firearm cannot ever assert self-defense. And perhaps that’s the aim here — to impugn the right to self-dense with a gun in general. Binger also told them you can’t claim self-defense if the person is unarmed. That’s also untrue.

What is the point of his statement? He’s trying to make an argument that Rittenhouse provoked the situation, which would then enable him to argue that that self-defense goes away, as we previously reported. But that doesn’t mean that he gets to misstate the law and hoodwink the jury with remarks that are simply not legally true.

But those weren’t the only falsehoods that the prosecution told. Check out this festival of bull from the prosecution’s bullet points for the jury.

It claims that Joseph Rosenbaum, the first man shot and killed, didn’t threaten Rittenhouse or try to take his gun. According to the prosecutor, Rittenhouse had fired his gun before Rosenbaum came close.

According to Ryan Balch’s testimony, Rosenbaum threatened to kill Rittenhouse. He also clearly wanted his gun which, as Richie McGinniss testified, is why he grabbed it. Those were Binger’s own witnesses who testified to it. So, not only is he not telling the truth but he’s contradicting his own witnesses. This is not a great look.

This was the hot take. Binger claims that Rittenhouse ought to have been there and assisted Rosenbaum, and let the crowd run away.

It was amazing how he got away when everyone caught up to him. Gaige Grosskreutz pointed an assault rifle at him, while Anthony Huber hit him with a skateboard. The “crowd” was the threat to Rittenhouse — that was the problem. If he hadn’t defended himself and stayed, there was every reason to think they would go after him like Rosenbaum.

Apparently the crowd is allowed to be “provoked,” but Rittenhouse isn’t. They’re “provoked” by the act of him having a gun and defending himself, Binger argues. But according to this logic, he isn’t allowed to defend himself if they attack him, he has to just allow himself to be attacked.

Binger painted the the people shot as “heroes,” even claiming that Huber gave his life to save others. It is important to note that Huber pursued Rittenhouse, didn’t know the facts, and attacked Rittenhouse with a skateboard.

Rittenhouse tried to help but he was mocked by him.

We’ll have to see what the defense’s closing argument is, but it’s troubling to think that the jury has not had these falsehoods countered so far and that they might be taken in by this.

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