Resegregation? HBO’s Bill Maher Takes Off on ‘White Ignorance’ Piece at MSNBC

Bill Maher took off against the “woke” Left again on Friday night’sActual Time show on HBO, singling out a nasty MSNBC headline about Glenn Youngkin’s election in Virginia as proof of “white ignorance.” 

With Tavis Smiley, a former PBS talk-show host, he was talking about jury challenges with racial implications, such as in the Ahmaud arbery trial. (He lost his job because of sexual harassment allegations).

Maher complained about an emerging tone of “I don’t trust any black people. OMG, it’s like prison. It is like being in prison. You gotta join a tribe. I mean, that’s not – I don’t want America to go in that direction and I don’t think we are being led in the right direction by either side.”

Smiley claimed that wasn’t a black thing. “Yeah, but when you say we, that’s my only issue, let me push you ever so gently. What ‘we’ are you talking about? Black folk and brown people ain’t doing nothing to the larger white community.” Maher replied “I said ‘we,’ the country.” Smiley doubled down, that “some of us are not engaged in that nonsense activity.”

After that, Maher switched on MSNBC. 

MAHER: New governor elected in Virginia after Governor Virginia. [the]MSNBC headline “The victory of Glenn Youngkin proves that ignorance in white is an effective weapon.”That doesn’t help me. I don’t think some of this – I’m an old-school liberal, I believe in a color-blind society, that’s not where woke is. You’re either racist, or not aware that you are one. There are some people on the opposite side of this coin, as well. 

The article he cited was penned by Ja’han Jones on “The Reidout Blog.” Jones touts his previous projects as the “Black Hair Defined” blog at HuffPost and the “Black Obituary Project.”

Jones complained that critical race theory is a catchall phrase for intellectually lazy people — many of them white — who want to stigmatize any discussion about American racism….The Youngkin campaign discovered that this contingent of angry, willfully ignorant white people was the key ingredient needed to elect a GOP governor in Virginia for the first time since 2009. We can expect more Republicans to try the same gambit as we inch closer to next year’s consequential midterm elections.”

Bizarrely, Smiley said that Jones and Joy Reid aren’t actually black.  Even with your example, they are not people who are of color. These are not people of color who cause the problems. They’re not the ones causing this problem.”

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