#ReleaseTheTranscript Trends After CNN Starts Deleting Damaging Reports on Joe Biden’s Ukraine Call – Opinion

As RedState reported Thursday evening, Joe Biden’s phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky apparently didn’t go well. With Russia continuing to amass forces on the Eastern European nation’s border, the White House has publicly called an invasion imminent while Ukraine has attempted to defuse tensions by projecting strength and confidence. The contrasting styles, with Biden essentially conceding to Vladimir Putin while Zelensky insists it’s not a done deal yet, led to friction as the situation continues to escalate.

Well, that was the story anyway, at least until CNN’s Jake Tapper began to delete his reporting on the call after the White House complained it was based on “false leaks.” Shortly after, CNN’s Jim Scuitto, a former Obama administration official, began his clean-up attempt.

Natasha Bertrand who was among the principal purveyors in the Russian collusion hoax eventually deleted the tweet she had made. The behavior by a supposed “news” organization is stunning. Under no circumstances did CNN ever backtrack on its reporting when the Trump administration claimed a leak wasn’t true. You would instead get an insolent response that they stand by their sources. CNN was quick to respond when the White House raised concerns.

Comparisons to Trump’s “perfect phone call” with Zelensky are being made, a call that eventually led to the former president’s first failed impeachment. Just like now, the two sides denied that anything was wrong. Democrats demanded the release of the transcript, despite this.

You won’t see those calls now, though. The White House is hunkering down, refusing to provide evidence that Biden didn’t say what he was reported to have said. With a media outlet such as CNN that is so compliant, how can they feel any pressure to openly communicate? The Democrats did not do what they demanded under the previous administration. That’s not a shocking development, yet that doesn’t make the hypocrisy any less noticeable.

Still, even forgetting the phone call for a moment, as I mentioned prior, the US State Department had said multiple times that an invasion of Ukraine by Russia is “imminent.” One has to wonder exactly why the administration is so gung-ho about conceding such a point? Why bolster Russia’s standing on that front, including the morale of its troops, instead of holding the line that an invasion will not be allowed to take place? While I can understand arguments on the left and right about not militarily intervening, at this stage diplomacy should be the rule. The administration’s messaging just seems moronic and counter-productive.

All of the opaqueness of the situation and questionable ethics of CNN’s behavior got #releasethetranscript trending, with major GOP figures such as Rep. Elise Stefanik joiningThe call. It is nearly certain that this will not occur. The rules are different now that a Democrat is in the White House, and the shameless news media doesn’t even pretend that’s not the case.

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