REGIME MEDIA: Univision Reports That Current Gas Prices ‘Delight The Soul’

President Joe Biden went before the cameras today to falsely claim that “our economy had zero percent inflation in the month of July”. Univision´s morning news crew reported the correct inflation rate – 8.7%, “high, but lower than the 9.1% of June”. But reporter Galo Arellano crowed, in his zest to fulfill the role of regime media propagandist, that the current gas prices of under $4 per gallon, ´delight the soul´, as he allegedly saw from people´s “happy faces”.

Take a look at Galo´s excessive enthusiasm to pass Biden´s agenda as news, in a manner reminiscent of Crazy Eddie ´Prices Are Insane´ ads of the 80´s. This was how much pro-regime hype led to us paying nearly twice what we paid for gas a year ago.

Despierta América, Univision


GALO ARELLANO – Economists believe that in order for victory to be declared, the downward trend should continue at least 6 weeks consecutively. This hasn’t happened yet. The good news is that this downward trend has not stopped. The first thing that we did was go to a station for gas. You can see the happy faces..

I am at Doral (Florida) gas station and it is very important to look closely at gas prices. A gallon of regular gasoline is currently at $3.63, plus $3.97. These prices truly excite the soul.

Two are included in the above list. Despierta AméricaReports aired Tuesday morning show the increasing disconnect between Spanish-language media corporations and the public.

No one is fooled by Univision’s theatrics, designed to make us all believe that all is beautiful and that our souls are delighted with $4 a gallon gas.

Univision´s propaganda is brought to you thanks to advertisers like Kellogs. They can be reached here.


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