RED ALERT: NBC Panics Over Potential Democrat Shellacking in November

The media’s mouthpieces on the left panic and start panicking at national television. This is a sign that the Left is panicking. The latest evidence of this came on Monday night’s edition of NBC Nightly News when their chief White House correspondent Kristen Welker shared the party’s fears about their prospects in the looming midterm elections in November. 

Welker summarized the grave situation Democrat candidates are in this November: “tensions are mounting inside the Democratic Party and White House. With a growing cascade of crises, including the President’s handling of border policy, soaring inflation, and fears of a recession.” 

To make matters worse, Welker mentioned a recent NBC News poll that revealed “75 percent of adults believe the country is headed in the wrong direction. And many place the blame squarely on the President and his party.” 

“Now, some Democrats are bracing for big midterm losses like they suffered under former President Obama two years after he was elected,” Welker fretted referring to the 2010 midterm elections in which the Democrats lost 63 House seats and six Senate seats in a Republican tidal wave which saw many first time candidates run for office. 



Welker says that President Biden will not change his tactics of attacking Republicans for their support for the right to life after the Supreme Court ruling. Roe V. Wade: “two top Biden aides tell NBC News, moving forward, the President will double down on his attempts to draw a sharp contrast with Republicans, including on social flashpoints like abortion.” 

Showing how oblivious he is, Welker reported that Biden “will continue to try to paint some in the GOP as ultra-MAGA, a term Democrats developed with focus groups over six months” despite many conservatives who have embraced the name. 

Before tossing back to anchor Lester Holt, Welker reported that Biden will be hitting the campaign trail this fall to help elect Democrats to Congress but she remarked that “with his low approval rating, some Democrats may say thanks, but no thanks.” 

NBC News panicking over the Democrat Party’s midterm election prospects was made possible by Fisher Investments. They are linked. 

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NBC Nightly News
Eastern, 7:20:32

LESTER HOLTS: Wall Street rallied today following an eight week losing streak fueled by inflation. With the midterm elections just six months away, the economy is now an important issue. Given the deteriorating prospects for Democrats, President Biden plans to increase fundraising and travel. However, the party’s strategies are coming under close scrutiny. Kristen Welker.

KRISTEN WALKER: With the midterm election season heating, tensions have been building within the Democratic Party (and the White House). A growing number of crises are unfolding, including President Obama’s handling border policy, rising inflation and concerns about a possible recession. 


WELKER Many blame the President and his party. Some Democrats now fear big losses in the midterms, just like under Obama’s predecessor two years ago.


WELKER. Two of the top Biden aides told NBC News that President Obama will continue to try and draw a stark contrast with Republicans in order to make a stronger case for his policies, such as on abortion. He will also continue trying to portray some Republicans as ultra-MAGA. This term was created by Democrats through focus groups and has been used for six months.  




WELKER: Biden’s aides claim they will make strategic decisions about the Presidential campaigns going into the fall midterms. Some Democrats might say “Thank you” but not thanks to his low approval ratings. Lester?

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