Reaping the Benefits of App Loyalty Programs

Restaurant, shopping, and travel apps are dominating the App Store and Google Play. The majority of the top ten most-downloaded apps on these platforms are receiving nearly perfect 5-star reviews. As we advance further into technological dependency, it is no surprise that so many companies are finding success through loyalty apps.

Wingstop, Starbucks, Dunkin’, and McDonald’s are among some of today’s trending apps in the restaurant sector. With the ease of today’s delivery services, these apps only make that easier. They are user friendly and make it enticing to order from these companies. In similar fashion, the ease of online shopping has allowed many ecommerce apps to take off. Etsy, Amazon, Target, and Nike are just a few of the big names on this list. Travel apps are also a large, all-encompassing group of popular apps that help people to plan and execute different travel endeavors. Fly Delta overwhelmingly dominates both Google Play and the App Store, but other airlines and lodging options like IHG and Airbnb are close behind.

Apps make our lives easier, allowing us to have all of our potential needs right at our fingertips. This popularity is showing no signs of slowing down, continuing to fuel our dependence on technology for years to come.

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