R&B Drama ‘Queens:’ Texas Heartbeat Law ‘Sexist,’ George Floyd ‘Forgotten’

Last week, ABC’s new R&B drama Queens referred to an unborn child as a “baby” five times in one episode, despite the baby being targeted for abortion. This week, they promoted a pro-abortion agenda that was critical of Texas’s attempt to protect such babies, accusing the state of being full of sexists. They also touched on the left’s two other favorite topics – LGBTQ pride and race-baiting, claiming George Floyd has been “forgotten.”

On Tuesday’s episode, “Behind the Throne,” the queens are making a music video for the first time since reviving their ‘90s R&B girls group. The show’s writers decided this was a good opportunity for woke liberal lecturing, using the rap lyrics to promote their agenda. They not only repeated the pro-abortion lyrics twice during the song’s two minutes, but Brianna (Eve), also sang them halfway through rehearsal.

Brianna: Texas has bigger things, according to Texas residents. ♪The sexism is also a problem ♪ It’s true indeed ♪ Without a queen you wouldn’t exist ♪ Mama bear and My blessings are my children ♪ As a defendant my testimony is let’s give ♪ The women back they voices, Vote pro-choicesThis is my body. These are my rules. ♪ So it’s a mistrial, now you under arraignment ♪ Judge and the jury, no statute of limitations ♪

All: ♪ What you call me? You’re a queen, come on! You are a queen, I’m what you called me.♪

Jill: ♪ Come on, My pride is alive ♪ Don’t try to decide how I feel inside ♪ Step in my chambers, you witnessin’ ♪ The rise of women We are being persecuted for our decisions.You should be joining us for our love. “L” stands for Loving. ♪”G” stands for greatness. “B” refers to Bein’ who and what you are. “T” refers to your transition. ♪Be a star now ♪Q is not for Bein’s quiet. ♪Let the flag fly at your expense! ♪ Case closed, court is adjourned ♪

Naomi: ♪ In her place, pronounce her name. ♪ They say the fruit is rotten ’cause it’s strange ♪ George Floyd forgotten, no, he didn’t die in vain ♪Your little opinion is not what we refer to as change. ♪The suffering and pain will not be forgotten. ♪Although he appears unarmed in the video, you can still aim at him ♪We shout, “No justice without peace!” ♪No more blood from black bodies ♪The concrete of the cold world

Lauren: ♪ My turn. ♪

All: ♪ I made you, a queen is what you call me ♪

Lauren: ♪ So, Your Honor, let me tell you how my story went ♪ I used to wanna party till the party ended ♪ I watched everyone ignore me, I went undefended ♪ But they don’t know my story, they just wanna pretend it ♪ I give 100% and you all could bet me ♪ They’ve been sleeping on me since ♪ They got narcolepsy ♪ I’ve been peeping all my friends, shoot a target at me ♪ I’m just sitting on this bench, may the law protect me ♪ I’m a queen ♪

All: ♪ Supreme is the Queens when we come through ♪ ♪ Women can do what they wish ♪You don’t have me, your body.

Umm…who has forgotten George Floyd? And I’d say the guilty verdict in that case was hardly “little.” But because there are situations where white officers have been forced to use a weapon to protect themselves and the public in very dangerous and difficult circumstances involving black suspects, there’s supposedly no justice, so there will be no peace? This is a horrible, divisive message at a time when peace on Earth is most celebrated.

How can an actor, particularly Eve, who is actually pregnant, talk about her role as a mother bear and how she is a blessing for the babies of others while simultaneously promoting abortion which takes those blessings’ lives?

Unborn children are the most forgotten. It’s their lives that are truly at risk, so they are the ones who need justice and protection. Planned Parenthood is a giant abortion provider founded by a racist to eliminate the lives of unborn black babies. Yet QueensThey were given free advertising on last week’s show. You can use liberal logic to get that.

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