Public School Employee Who Advocated for LGBTQIA+ Learning Gets Busted in ‘Sex With Minors’ Solicitation Sting – Opinion

Mary Kay Letourneau’s 1997 arrest for rape was a huge national scandal. In addition to raping her student, Letourneau also became pregnant and had the child. Vili Fualaau (the underage father) was 12. She was 12 when she was convicted and sent to jail for seven-and-a half years.

While it was important that the woman became pregnant was part of the story, in 1997 teachers were busted for raping/molesting their students. It is no longer legacy news. Because it occurs so frequently, in 2022 it will no longer be shocking. But there is another reason; it impacts the left’s insistence that teachers foisting their sexual predilection on their students isn’t “grooming” or a bad thing. This is actually very bad. The number of teachers TikToking videos from groomers has increased dramatically. The left has insisted that that isn’t evidence of bad results. The explosion of molestation cases is a contradiction to that claim.

In the first half of 2022, there have been at least 181 arrests for sex-with-children charges against “educators.” I use that term only as catch-all, because these people are predators, not educators. Of those 181, four have been principals, 151 teachers, 12 teacher’s aides, and 12 substitute teachers. Are those the correct numbers? Most likely, not. Reports in media were used to measure the analysis. The analysis was measured by reported cases in the media. new oneEvery day, new cases are reported. There are almost certainly cases riding under the radar, and almost certainly more TikToking or media-hogging teachers who are molesting children and  have yet to be caught.

Recenty, one of them was caught. Eric Rohman (a Mt. Pleasant, Michigan public school teacher Eric Rohman has been an active and visible supporter of LGBTQIA+ curriculum.

This is Mr. Rohman, introducing himself to you and listing his credentials as a woke person.

With a smarmy smile and wearing an obligatory “Black Lives Matter” shirt, Rohman proudly advocated at a school board meeting for “teaching” children not to “hate” who they are. He pointed at (presumably) parents for “advocating” hate, and that children will become “who they are…no matter how many candles you light, no matter how many rallies you hold.”

He was captured on July 15, 2022. One of the three men arrested was Mr. Rohman for sexual solicitation with a minor. Mr. Rohman can be seen looking down in his mugshot–presumably at his career or his prospects of hurting any more children.

Rohman or is Rohman the only one guilty of these predations It is not. TikTok was the media of choice for educators proudly declaring their desire to have children. That’s why Florida’s Parental Rights In Education law was an important step at returning the classroom to “learning” — and allowing children to learn. This kind of learning doesn’t include the grooming of pink-haired misfits such as this one.

Warning! This video may contain coarse language

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