Public Health Experts Are Learning the Cost of Their Lies and Bullying About COVID as Childhood Vaccination Rates Crater – Opinion

Throughout the pandemic, “public health experts” noted that the rate of childhood vaccinations was dropping. These experts seemed shocked at the sudden turn of events. But, we could all have seen the fearful environment created for the nation by Pharma, Pharma, the media and many other very stupid people. We might have predicted this outcome.

With the end of the reign of terror and COVID panic now the province of the nutters

The people responsible for the panic now begin to look at the destruction caused by their efforts.

Kids aren’t getting caught up on routine shots they missed during the pandemic, and many vaccination proponents are pointing to Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy as a big reason why.

POLITICO spoke to 10 state officials, including pediatricians, nurses in schools, and immunization advocates. They expressed concern that more families may project their views on the Covid-19 vaccine onto vaccinations for meningitis, chickenpox and measles.

That spillover of vaccine hesitancy may also be fueling an uptick in religious exemption requests from parents of school-aged children and is making it more difficult for states to catch up with children who missed immunizations during the pandemic’s early days when families skipped doctor’s appointments, they say.

In a piece titled “Politics,” this observation was made by Politico.

Routine immunizations are not being given to children. Covid vaccine hesitancy isn’t helping.

The story continues to attempt to link some loosely related correlations into causality and to transform blame into causation.

The pandemic began with children’s immunization rates dropping dramatically. In 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention saw a 15 percent drop from pre-pandemic levels in states’ orders for Vaccines for Children, the federal program through which about half the children in the country are immunized. The CDC reported that order levels in 2021 were approximately 7 percent below pre-pandemic levels.

Florida has seen a drop in routine immunization rates in 2-year olds. In Florida, the surgeon general said last month that Covid vaccines might not work for some children.

Tennessee saw a decrease of nearly 14 percent in vaccines given to children below 2 years old between 2020 and 2021, compared with before the pandemic.

Idaho saw a decrease in the number of children who were vaccinated against measles in Idaho. It dropped from 21,000 to 21,000 between 2018 and 2019, to 17,000 by 2021.

This is a classic case of “shooting yourself in the foot and complaining about the pain.”

I do not doubt there is “vaccine hesitancy” about having young children vaccinated for COVID. However, I think it is safe to say that the COVID vaccine was cleared for use in a population that has in a timeframe unparalleled in the annals of vaccine development. While an adult might agree to be vaccinated against COVID for any number of reasons, like being able to stay employed, that doesn’t imply that they are willing to subject their children to a risk that could be perceived as being orders of magnitude greater than the benefit. The companies responsible for developing the COVID vaccines are now facing more questions as they try to hide clinical trial data. In one case, Pfizer and the FDA–you know, the people who are supposed to protect us–teamed up to demand a delay of the data release for 55 years.

Now, after using the political process to bully and intimidate people into getting a vaccine they didn’t want for a disease that presented a no-to-moderate risk for most people so they could attend school, serve in the Armed Forces, or have gainful employment, the same people are asking for politics to be kept out of it.

“We just want to keep measles, polio, and all the things we vaccinate against out of the political arena,” said Hugo Scornik, a pediatrician and president of the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Sorry, Doc, you can’t unring that bell. By making the COVID vaccine a political issue and tying it to childhood vaccinations, parents are understandably reluctant to put themselves in a situation where their child could be vaccinated for COVID without parental consent (read the Journal of the American Medical Association’s advocacy for this position) or where Child Protective Services could become involved.

The bottom line: Before 2020, many of us believed in our doctors and trusted them a lot more than we did with public health professionals. Since the pandemic, we don’t. As I posted earlier about the alleged bio labs in Ukraine (see The Liar’s Paradox and Why We Should Not Trust the US Government’s Word About Biological Weapons Labs in Ukraine), these people have lied to us and tried to manipulate us by fake information and fear to push a political goal. They no longer deserve our trust. We may see epidemics of diseases which childhood vaccines cannot stop. But, when they do happen, remember that it was because of lies that were used to justify COVID vaccinations that are the cause. “Vaccine hesitancy” is based on experience, not fear or politics.

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