Protesters Unhinged at Turning Point USA Summit; Ted Cruz Has Best Response to Woke Insanity – Opinion

Turning Point USA will host its Student Action Summit 2022 this weekend in Tampa, Florida. The Summit features prominent speakers from Congress, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R – Texas) and Senator Josh Hawley. The event’s featured speaker is President Donald Trump.

According to our report, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis kicked it off on Friday with a great speech, including a classic line, “I want to wish Joe Biden a speedy recovery from COVID. And I want to wish America a speedy recovery from Joe Biden.” He spoke about having to deal with a lot of things from the crazy left.

The small protest group that stood outside the summit, shouting at attendees was perhaps the best example of this. Now, what’s funny is they think they’re succeeding in shutting down the event or blocking one of the speakers, Drew Hernandez; yet, they’re trying to call the conservative summit “fascist.” It’s these folks, who want to shut down speech other than their own, who are fascists. One of them who let loose just was completely unhinged, shouting “Stand up, fight back” at Hernandez.

Caution for graphic language

But that’s the left all wrapped up in that one person: brooking nothing which challenges their world view; everything else must be screamed at. They can’t tolerate it, because everything offends them.

Hernandez dubs the first woman a “real-life NPC.” NPC comes from the gaming world, meaning a non-player character or in this case, someone who is unable to think objectively, and who speaks in a cult-like manner.

Scarier eyes!

You can find out why conservatives are so popular by checking out their opinions.

Their “standing up and fighting back” chants didn’t last long. They left, while the conservative students chanted, “USA, USA,” at them.

The insistence by Sen. Ted Cruz to adhere to the woke leftist language was met with a huge response. He told a story about a student who said that they had to be able to present themselves while also telling others what their pronouns.

“Well, I’m Ted Cruz,” he said, “And my pronouns are ‘Kiss my ass!’”

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