Protesters Storm Presidential Palace in Sri Lanka After Climate Hysteria Destroys the Nation – Opinion

Sri Lanka is in the middle of a full-scale collapse after the president announced the nation is “bankrupt,” having run out of both money and energy. There have been hundreds of thousands of people protesting and the situation has become a terrible nightmare.

A sea of angry people took over the presidency palace in the last few hours. And as I’ll explain, Sri Lanka’s woes were not only avoidable but were purposely brought on to please climate change fanatics in faraway lands.

Sri Lanka’s government has been implementing ESG policies (environment, social, and governance) for years, following the lead of the World Economic Forum. In an effort to decrease nitrogen emission, this includes the banning of agrochemicals like fertilizers. Flowery tales of “organic” farming and saving the planet have now been replaced with horror, as the island nation’s top exports have been laid to waste. People are starving, they can’t get gas or electricity, and none of the globalists who used Sri Lanka as a testbed for their green fantasies are coming to help.

The Daily Caller has more information.

Environment Minister Mahinda Amaweera declared a government initiative to save the earth from “our own geoengineering misuse, greed and selfishness” in 2020 ahead of a forum on halving nitrogen waste. The move was part of Sri Lanka’s effort to pursue environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals; the country signed onto a green finance taxonomy with the International Finance Corporation in May that included a commitment to organic fertilizers.

If all of this sounds familiar, that’s because the same thing is currently playing out in The Netherlands. RedState has reported that farmers have protested the signing by their leaders to a European Union agreement to significantly reduce nitrogen emission. Keep in mind, that decision came even as it was obvious those policies were in the midst of destroying Sri Lanka’s economy.

Climate hysterics simply do not care about who they hurt while they pursue their nonsensical, ineffective “green” policies. Anyone who has a brain should understand that to maintain its population, the planet needs food. To attack that sector of human production is suicidal, yet that’s exactly what the climate radicals are doing. The climate radicals are following in the footsteps of a Swedish teenage over the needs and wants of their citizens.

You can guess where this leads. That leads to people revolting and presidential palaces being overthrown. To be clear, those Sri Lankans are perfectly justified. Their government sold their future and ability to survive in order to please a bunch of Eurotrash ESG freaks who don’t care one iota how much harm they are causing.

It is wrong to think that this will stop in Sri Lanka. European countries who follow this route will also eventually fall. Although the United States is more cautious, this could happen in other countries too, if Democrat politicians are successful. The time to fight back against this insanity is now–before it’s too late.

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