Progressives Need to Answer This One Question About Abortion – Opinion

An upcoming SCOTUS decision could change Roe v. Wade. This has accelerated the abortion debate. You know the drill:

My body is my choice. This applies only to your baby, and not to vaccines.

For coat hanger abortions, women will have to be forced into the dark side by side with their partners.

-Republicans are Coming for your civil rights

This is a major problem for black women, and all minorities.

That last argument is what really grinds me. Progressive left loves to say that abortion restrictions will make black women especially hard hit. Nobody ever expounds upon that. Perhaps because black mothers (not ‘birthing persons,’ please and thank you) often live below the poverty line? The suggestion seems to be that black mothers are burdened with these magical pregnancies that don’t involve their own choices and are simply thrust upon them by a patriarchal society.

I don’t know. It makes no sense, so I can’t try to explain it. My brain likes logic.

Logically, we only can draw one conclusion if they continue to racialize.

Progressive left wants to see fewer black children in this world.

“We want more black babies in the world!” or “We want fewer black babies in the world!” …which is the racist statement?

Let the jury decide.

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