Progressive School Board Member Calls Black Conservative a ‘Token’ During Activist Meeting – Opinion

Progressives don’t seem to be afraid to express their racist views towards black and brown people, even if they are claiming to reject racism. This was evident in the racial abuses directed at Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas by leftists after the overturning Roe V. Wade

However, this trend has been visible at the local and regional levels. Elizabeth Andersen (a Duval County Public School Board member from Florida) referred to black conservative mother who are outspoken about the harmful material being taught at K-12 schools.

Andersen made her racist comments during a virtual meeting with a group called Beaches Activists, a “progressive grassroots group” that promotes “a healthy democracy requires educated and engaged citizens, fair elections, a functioning and credible free press, and honest and responsive elected officials” according to its website. Moms For Liberty is a parent rights advocacy group that has played a key role in fighting for education.

Andersen mentioned a Zoom video by Quisha Kings, a woman of color who worked for Moms For Liberty, about some of the sexuality teachings that are being given to children at schools. Tia bess (a Moms For Liberty volunteer) was also mentioned. April Carney is the candidate to replace Andersen. She stated:

“So we know that these folks are absolutely on a phone call speed dial basis with our legislators to move legislation forward in the videos or in the images that Dan shared with you, my opponents and both of them or all of it, she’s pretty high level with local Moms for Liberty. So we have Quisha King – April Carney is my opponent – Tia Bess … and they often will sort of parade her out as a token person because everyone is doing harmful things to children with special needs, and that’s to push that agenda.”

The term “token” is one of left’s favorite slurs used against black conservatives. This implies that black people like King or Bess can’t think for themselves, and only follow orders from whites. Andersen was intimating that groups like Moms For Liberty and others are only using these black women as cover against the left’s baseless accusations of racism.

Progressives use this tactic for years, and they seem to have no problem engaging in the same type of racism that they hate. These situations expose them for what they really are: Hypocritical racists.


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