Princess, Meet Pea: PolitiFact Throws ‘False’ Flag at RNC Over ONE Word in a Biden Speech

PolitiFact can be so sensitive. On Thursday, “fact checker” Samantha Putterman slammed the Republican National Committee as “False” for leaving out ONE word of a Biden quote about the children belonging to teachers as “missing context.” It was called “The subhead” of the article.RNC posts distortions of Biden’s statements to teachers concerning children in schools.

The White House hosted the event to honor “Teachers of the Year”.

Putterman summarized briefly as follows: 

This claim suggests that Biden is saying that children belong to teachers, and teachers cannot ignore the wishes of parents. But that misrepresents Biden’s comments by omitting words and context. 

–The full quote includes him telling teachers students are “like” their children. Biden spoke about American children’s education success in his surrounding remarks.

Then came the tweet transcript of Biden: 

It’s something I’ve said many times over about our children. But it is true. They are our entire children. You recognize this and are the Teachers of the Year. These are not the children of another person; they’re their own. Similar to yours when they’re in the classroom. You represent a profession that helps them gain the confidence — a confidence they believe they can do anything.” [Emphasis by PolitiFact.]

This distinction is without any difference. Biden did not say “like”, because there was no such thing.We are all their children.This is the Hillary Clinton echo “It Takes a Village”. PolitiFlacks dislike Republican context. It is, they believe, about “ignoring parents’ wishes”. This is a lie! 

These people are also absurd when they consider what Biden actually said. We pointed out that they tried to pretend Biden did not shake hands with air, but he actually was gesturing! We also added that they did not acknowledge Biden’s claim during the speech, that he had been a full professor at Penn for “four years”. They later deemed that…half true.” 

Louis Jacobson summarizes it literally as if it were true. Yes, he was professor at Penn …..

He was however only in his current position for a short time. It took two years to reach the same level as it did in four.He was also on unpaid vacation while running for President.

— Biden’s duties did not include the same degree of teaching, research and administrative responsibilities that some may associate with the term “full professor.”

Jacobson also quoted The Philadelphia Inquirer that Biden’s post “There were no classes on a regular basis and about a dozen appearances in the public eye campus in large, ticketed events.” Yet, it is Half True that he was a professor.?

PS. While RNC (40) and Democratic National Committee (38), are almost equal in terms of the amount of fact checks, the DNC has only been “fact checked,” once in each four-year period. This year, four flags were placed on the RNC — two false and two mostly false — in defense Biden. 

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