President 25th Amendment Flies to Delaware, Home to Asthma, Cancer, and Oil Clouds – Opinion

Joe Biden is adding more to Joey Lies A Lot. Joe Biden told the April story about being taken to school by his mother. However, before the trip began, she had to clean the windshield of oil. Joe and all the others he knew as asthmatics were given their childhood oil by rain.

On Wednesday, Joe told the same story, but the story changed —  this time the oil slick on the windshield gave him cancer (and about everyone he knew growing up). This was shocking news for everyone, especially the White House. Joe couched his claim in the present tense and the White House scrambled to mop up Joe’s mess, again.

The White House quickly claimed that Joe’s cancer claim was totally legit — Joe was referring to his skin cancer… that he didn’t have (currently). Joe said something that was not correct, according to the White House cleanup team. HADCancer, NOT HAS cancer. But that’s a lie too. A soft lie but a lie nonetheless. Joe’s “cancer” was the removal of entirely routine non-melanoma skin tags.

On Thursday, Joe and Dr. Jill were to fly back to Delaware the state of Asthma and Cancer for a little R&R (though whether this will change, given the breaking news the President has tested positive for COVID remains unclear). It will undoubtedly result in another “lid” on contact with media and people. Joe’s been working hard. He requires more sleep. A man who is almost 80 years old can suffer from asthma and cancer. Brutal.

Let’s hope Joe avoids a summer oil squall while flying to his home state. Delaware’s apparently famous for asthma and cancer-causing oil clouds.

God’s truth. I’m not making this up, man.

Biden is threatening to declare a national crisis. 25th Amendment?

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