Pre-assembled Kitchen Cabinets: Advantages

The purchase of a new kitchen can be overshadowed by the need to assemble it yourself. But there is a different solution – pre-assembled cabinets. You only need to install the furniture onto the prepared area in the room. What other advantages can such products offer?

Manufacture to Order

Furniture is made according to individual measurements, which allows you to choose an L-shaped, U-shaped, linear, or island kitchen.

High-quality materials

As a rule, pre-assembled kitchen cabinets are made using natural wood (most often birch). It is a durable and abrasion resistant material with unique texture and natural colour palette. For example, Luxod LLC only uses FSC certified wood that comes from responsibly managed forests. The permissible emissions from adhesives used to process wood-based materials meet the CARB 2 standard. It ensures environmental friendliness of the furniture.

Plywood (base, back wall) and medium density fibreboard (the central part of the doors) are also used in the manufacture of cabinets.

Robust fittings

They ensure convenient opening and closing of drawers as well as the durability of furniture. For example, door hinges have a soft close feature. The same option is available for drawer runners. By the way, the drawers have self-close feature.

Well-thought-out storage space

Thanks to it, you can conveniently store everything in cabinets, i.e. from dishes and food supplies to textiles and other essentials. For example, cutlery can be stored in drawers. Drawer units are suitable for large items, such as pots and pans. Open shelves are great for storing your spice collection, souvenirs, or recipe books.


When designing furniture, our designers prefer two styles, i.e. the shaker and European ones.

The inspiration for both styles is minimalism with its practicality and low-key décor. However, the shaker style adds classic, Scandinavian, and rustic elements, while the European style features high-tech elements.

The shaker style is characterised by a light colour pallete of whites, grays, creams, and beiges. Dark facing in a natural colour palette (e.g., in gray-blue) also looks elegant.

The European style features more colour. Bottle green, blue, and chocolate shades are used; however they are not bright, but rather muted, powdered. Such furniture has two unique features. Firstly, it stands out due to its large metal fittings. Secondly, it almost reaches the ceiling. This allows to elongate the space and make it more balanced.

You can order pre-assembled kitchen cabinets from Luxod LLC. It is a family business that offers affordable prices, carries out product delivery, and develops free design concepts.

To place an order, please use the shopping cart on the website. If you need any advice, please contact us at (850)260-0805 or via an online chat.

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