Pranksters Trick Stephen King Into Thinking He’s Talking to Zelensky, Then He Shows How Twisted Leftists Are in Ukraine Cult – Opinion

I think it’s safe to say that horror author Stephen King is a rabid liberal.

All of the Democratic narratives are his, but he is constantly attacking Republicans.

However, a recent prank revealed just how ridiculous the cult in Ukraine can become to those on the left such as King.

Vovan and Lexus from Russia called King to allegedly make him believe that they were talking to Volodymyr Zelensky, a comedian. They appear to get King to offer the fake Zelensky the movie role of “Pennywise,” the horrible killer clown, in King’s new movie.

But that wasn’t all.

“Zelensky” then began speaking about Stepan Bandera. Bandera, a Ukrainian nationalist leader, was linked with Nazis during World War II. His group is also associated to massacres and ethnic cleansings in Poland and Jews. Because he was a fighter for Ukraine independence, some consider him a hero. “Zelensky” asked King what he thought of Bandera.

“He was in the Second World War, and he fought against the Soviet Union,” the prankster continued. “But, yeah, he had some crimes, but it’s not so big crimes. It’s of course [accidental], [they were]There were also crimes committed against Jews [….]

“Well yes, I mean there are always… you can always find things against people to pull them down,” replied King. “Washington and Jefferson were slave owners. That doesn’t mean they didn’t do many good things for the United States of America.”

“There are always people who have flaws – we’re human,” King continued. “There are things that we do that are bad choices, and there are things that we do that are great choices. So, on the whole, Bandera is a great man and you’re a great man. And Viva Ukraine.”

Yikes, seriously? Is this really a man you can take seriously? Um, Stephen? Massacres and ethnic cleansing aren’t just little character flaws. The pranksters even gave you a tip-off and told you who he was, when they said “crimes against Jews.” Yet, if this is accurate, King still defended him, calling him a “great man.”

King could not have been fooled. Frankly, the guy’s “Zelensky” didn’t sound anything like him. However, it does reveal something about King’s and the other leftists who would support it, provided they believe it conforms to the Democratic mantra regarding Ukraine. They’ll support it, wear hats like King, or have a Ukrainian flag in their Twitter profiles because it’s the mantra–without truly knowing or understanding the players or what’s going on.

Donald Trump is evil to King, and Jesus isn’t on your side, he said last year. Bandera is an amazing man. That’s some twisted take.

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