Politico Mocks Clintons Politics Course as Exercise in Vanity

Remember what happened last December? Sunday Today swooned over Hillary Clinton’s drama queen performance in which she choked up while giving her 2016 victory speech that didn’t happen due to her inconvenient loss to a certain Orange Man?

You might find that bizarre and funny if you are a comedian. Bill, her husband, is offering a MasterClass in Politics. Her speech was part of the MasterClass.

For a taste of the fun you’re in store for, Politico MagazineThe Sunday review of MasterClass revealed that it wasn’t really teaching students anything in politics but was a vanity exercise by the Clintons.

Calder McHugh starts the MasterClass mocking with Politico title, “The Clintons’ MasterClass On Vanity,” and continued from there.



MasterClass definitely is at the learning camp. This means students can learn professional tips and tricks from leaders in politics, just like writers or designers.

It hides the secret to success in politics, but rather than revealing them it burys them beneath a heap of platitudes.MasterClass doesn’t address the issue of political leaders emerging. Instead, it focuses more on more fluid concepts like resilience and leadership. The result is a course that looks fancy but doesn’t deliver. Without many concrete lessons to teach, save some bits on public speaking (there’s some bitter irony there too, as Hillary tells viewers to practice speaking in front of a mirror, and then lessons later says that she has never read her victory speech out loud), the Clintons resort to messages we’ve mostly heard before, maybe at a mid-budget hotel conference complete with a cold breakfast buffet. You should get to sleep in the evening. Keep organized. Your values should be defined. Find your leadership style. Know your audience. Negotiating should be about finding win-wins.

Good observation by McHugh! It is amazing that Hillary claims she has never spoken her victory speech loudly (until December’s performance), while McHugh tells readers to practise speaking in front a mirror. He continued:

Unfortunately, rather than really explore the contours of their decision-making, the Clintons — who seem to not realize or not care that they’re in the stage of life when they can offer hard, revealing truths — are more concerned with molding their images. Part of Bill Clinton’s course makes it clear exactly how far into the Oval Office viewers really get.

“How far in the Oval Office can viewers actually get?” While it was not intended to make you cringe but one could certainly have read the text that way.

McHugh continued, alluding also to “[t]The MasterClass Room’s Elephant” being“The 2016 Presidential Election Results”Its subsequent “chang[ing]…of American political leadership.”

Yup! It was certain that Hillary would win that election, according to the media…until it did not happen.

[T]He Clintons did not intend to teach any other lessons. You can set your own schedule. Use soft lighting. You can show vulnerability by using small quantities. Don’t turn down big checks. Your thoughts about public embarrassments should be kept private. Protect your image above all.

Remember to accept a large check.

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