Planning on Setting up an LMS for your Business? – All you need to Know

Every day more and more companies are giving preference to training their employees online. The eLearning market is growing rapidly and companies are taking the help of Learning Management Systems to deliver online training.

Learner Management System, also known as LMS, is a platform that companies use to create and develop, distribute and track training of their employees, customers, partners, etc. Training with the help of an LMS is different from traditional training that was conducted in a classroom with an instructor. 

For example – in traditional training, to train your workforce, a conference room was rented or a day-long workshop had to take place. But, with online training, no one has to commute anywhere, training can take place from anywhere.

Almost every enterprise, small, medium, or large is benefitting from this asynchronous learning. Certain questions come to mind while setting up an LM – How to create online courses on LMS? How to track learners’ growth? How effective LMS would be? Etc. Here is everything you need to know about an LMS, a solution for your online training.

1)  All-in-one Solution

With an LMS you can store all your online learning content in one place, instead of having it spread out on different devices or hard drives. This process will help you in lowering the risk of losing the important data and training material and will make it easier for you to locate all the information needed to create the course whenever required. The online instructors and trainers can manage their learners more conveniently with the help of an LMS.

2)  Managing the Learners

Managing one learner to ten learners or ten million learners, LMS is the handiest tool for managing a small group or a large group and tracking them continuously. LMS enables you to share the online course content, host online classes, give online assignments, conduct exams for the learners, generate reports and tweak the course accordingly for the learners.  

3)  Deliver Engaging Content with LMS

Every learner is unique in his way. Based on the reports generated, you can experiment with different types of course materials for online learning that will help in increasing the learner’s engagement. Once the learner is engaged and starts retaining the information, it will eventually help in increasing the success rate and productivity of the employee. You can host quizzes and mock tests on an LMS, which will increase the engagement with the course.

4)  Save on Time and Cost

Online training can be provided from anywhere, the learners will not have to travel anywhere to take the course, and therefore, zero travel cost will be involved. The learners can take the course sitting at home, or in a café, or even while on the move, they have the flexibility to take the course at their convenience. This helps in saving a lot of time for the learners. The course development cost reduces significantly for the companies as they need to create the course once which can be used multiple times.

5)  Certification Management

This is one of the vital features of an LMS, upon successful course completion; the online instructors or managers can generate and provide certificates to the learners. This helps in encouraging the learners as they feel appreciated.

6)  Anytime and Anywhere Learning Access

Once the course material is uploaded online, on the cloud-based LMS, the learners get unlimited access to the course and information they need. The learners can access the course material by logging into their eLearning platform by using their mobile phones or tablets or any other device. They just need an internet connection. LMS is appropriate for learners from different time zones.

7)  Great Customer Support

You can request your LMS vendor to demonstrate the platform, or you can even opt for a free trial run to check whether the LMS you have selected is the right one for you. Make sure you enquire about the round the clock customer support to help you with integration issues and queries in the future.

We hope that we have been able to give an idea about how LMS will benefit you in the long run. We also recommend that you check the reviews written by other buyers, which will help you in making an informed decision. 

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