Philip Rivers Has High Praise for Chargers Quarterback Justin Herbert – Opinion

Philip Rivers, the legendary Chargers quarterback has rarely spoken highly of Justin Herbert. Rivers has been a Chargers starter quarterback since Herbert was hired. Fans had hoped Rivers would talk about Herbert.


Rivers responds to questions about Justin Herbert by saying:

“I pull like crazy for the Chargers and I pull for Justin Herbert in particular, just because I think it’s awesome that I was able to be there for 16 years. Hopefully he can be there for another 16,” Rivers said, via Crain & Company. “I always thought it was cool you look at the Packers, you can say, ‘Who’s been their quarterback the last 40 years? Favre and Rodgers.’ You don’t want it to go the Browns’ version, with 30 starters in the last 25 years.”

Rivers continues, “With Herbert, it was time for me to be done there, and then they nailed that pick.”

Rivers may have spoken to Herbert backstage and advised him, but it was the right thing for fans to hear Rivers praise Herbert. Rivers’s career was one that is worthy of being in the Hall of Fame. Justin Herbert may be on the same track with his NFL career.

Rivers’ career included a total of 63.440 yards and 421 touchdowns. He also completed 64.9 percent his passes. He also threw 209 interceptions. His winning record was 134-106. Rivers was a eight-time Pro Bowler. He also won the 2013 AP & PFWA Comeback Players of the Year Awards. Rivers didn’t win a Super Bowl Championship, but this should not prevent him from being inducted in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Chargers fans loved watching Rivers on Sundays, and they will likely continue to love watching their quarterback–with a leader like Herbert–due to his potential. Herbert has already thrown for 9350 yards and 69 touchdowns in just two years. He also had 25 interceptions. Herbert completed 66.2 per cent of his passes within his first two seasons, and he is improving with each training session. He has an overall record of 15 wins, 17 losses. However, the Chargers have improved their roster to assist Herbert and their offense, particularly their defense.

Herbert is rewriting history with the start he’s had to his NFL career. His start to his NFL career is the best of any NFL quarterback. Chargers fans haven’t had confidence in winning the Super Bowl as much as they do now. In Week 1, of the NFL season, the Chargers will take on the Las Vegas Raiders.

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