Pennsylvania Woman Celebrates 100th Great-Grandchild

Babies And Babies And Babies Oh My!

Peggy Koller, 99, celebrated the birth her 100th greatgrandchild despite Pennsylvania’s strict pro-death laws. Koller’s life is an inspiring testament to the beauty of living.

Koller didn’t have siblings, but she was blessed with 11 children after her marriage to William. 56 children were born out of those eleven. This month, the total number of children born to these 56 grandchildren was 100. 

The family’s size is not only a sign of its preciousness and sacredness, but also the family’s success. 

“The family has gone on to include lawyers, educators, real estate developers, and one of Peggy’s sons even took over the family business – the well-known Koller Funeral Home in Roxborough,” ABC 6 reported.

This is the message that Pro-life Movement should and can harp on, despite how horrifying it must seem to environmental doomsayers and malthusian lefties. Every child killed in an abortion represents a lost opportunity to that child’s right to a healthy life and to be successful in society. It is a mistake to kill a child before they take their first breath. This will limit any chance of success like the Kollers. 

Mrs. Koller’s story is remarkable, in and of itself. It is inspiring to see her longevity. Chrissy Balster, the mother of the 100th great-grandchild, mentioned that her grandmother’s faith is what provides her strength. “I think faith is the other one, I’d say. Familie and faith. It’s the reason she keeps going.

In a nation that has been celebrating and promoting abortions left and right, it’s refreshing to see a family openly celebrate more birth. I hope that the media covers more of these stories and less about the murder of the unborn. 

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