Pelosi Is the Wicked Witch of the West – Opinion


Watchers of the State of the Union were able to hear Biden’s gaffes and lies about taxes and gun makers.

We know what we’ll get — the same vacant, vapid look of an old man struggling to remember words. So, I wasn’t watching him as I listened. Kamala Harris, in her brown poop pant suit, was what I was watching, along with Nancy Pelosi.

Biden may be less anxious about her than she is, although she does have far more ticks. Every 5 seconds she seems to clean her mouth of denture cream. Then, during the State of the Union, she added another tick.

When Biden was once again injecting the memory of the “good son” Beau into his “burn pit” talking point, Nancy started to get excited like a teenage girl who just winked at by the quarterback. Instead of swooning she began to rub her hands together.

It wasn’t just an odd one-off physical gaffe, like Orrin Hatch reaching for imaginary glasses; she kept rubbing her knuckles together. As if she were going to burn herself, her witchy-like, boney hands continued to be rubbed together. One second turned into five seconds, and then she sat down — and tongued her teeth back in place.

I’m convinced now. I’ve never seen her and the Wicked Witch of the West together. She’s the Wicked Witch of the West. Green is the undertone of her skin tone makeup. She’s even from the West.

I don’t want to be arrested for battery, but if someone threw water in her face, the odds of her screaming “I’m Melting!!Her teeth are chattering and her eyes are almost 110 percent.

“Look what you’ve done! I’m going… oh… ooooooooh….” A tiny cloud of sulfurous smells surrounds Poof. 

Show me that I am wrong.

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