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While I’ve been pleasantly surprised to see quite a bit of media pushback on some of the wild claims President Biden made during his press conference yesterday, I’ve been simultaneously disturbed by an abnormal amount of gushing over his remarks from “reporters” who we’ve been reliably told by our intellectual betters are paragons of objectivity and getting to the truth.

One so-called reporter’s comments, in particular, stand out: PBS NewsHour’s Yamiche Alcindor, whose liberal bias has been extensively documented at this site and whose political hackishness is perhaps only eclipsed by CNN “journalists” John Harwood and Jim Sciutto, who are quick to remind us daily how we should shut up and do what Joe Biden tells us to do because he only has our best interests at heart.

After Biden’s rambling presser, Alcindor took to the Twitter machine to gush about the supposed historical significance of it as well as to ooh and ahh over how she says Biden conducted himself. I’m including the two worst tweets below, but there were others. Keep in mind as you read them that this is a woman who is supposed to be a “neutral” observer of political figures and who, in an ideal world, would report from that perspective instead of one where “wokeness” is invariably behind every word:

Now, if I had left her name and image out of what I’d written so far and simply included the text of those comments here, readers might think I was quoting White House press secretary Jen Psaki or White House Chief of Staff (and co-president) Ron Klain, the latter of who, as it turns out, rewarded Yamiche for her devotion to The Cause by giving her a retweet:

Klain’s loving endorsement of tweets by Alcindor, which in no way reflect what happened at the presser, is a sign that everything is wrong in mainstream media. Not just because of what they did, but because if anyone else in the mainstream media has a problem with it – and they should – they’re choosing to remain quiet about it when they should understand that it is this type of “scratch my back, I scratch your back” cozy relationship between the press and Democrats that has helped destroy trust in the media.

But beyond that very serious issue, let’s fisk some of Alcindor’s claims just to show how wildly offbase she was.

1) “Pres Biden, in the longest news conference in presidential history” – so? Given that it was the second press conference he had held since his swearing-in, which is far less than any previous presidents except Trump, it took him a great deal of time.
2) “made news, pushed back on critics” – which every politician who ever takes to the podium does.
3) “called out lies” – what “lies”? Like his whopper about how he didn’t equate his political opposition to racists from the past, which was a lie corrected by the reporter who originally asked him the question? Get the heck outta here with this BS about “called out lies.”
4) “took responsibility for mistakes he believes he made” – Huh? See 3 for an example. In other instances, he boiled down his “mistakes” to him being overly optimistic that Republicans would work with him. That’s not “taking responsibility for mistakes.” SMH.
5) “expressed surprise at GOP” – which was about as disingenuous as it gets, because no president comes into office expecting the opposing political party is going to be eager to clink glasses with him.
6) “talked foreign policy and didn’t lash out on reporters” – in “talking foreign policy” he made a major blunder with Ukraine that has caused his handlers to scurry to try and clean up the mess. As far as “didn’t lash out on reporters,” what planet was this woman on yesterday? Perhaps she was so busy writing White House press releases that her brain didn’t notice the bizarre moment when Biden turned on a reporter.

7) “Quite the change” – translation: Hire me, Joe!

Since her second tweet was so similar to the first one, I won’t bother breaking it down line by line, because I think the point has been made.

The good news is that effective March, Alcindor will be moving over to NBC News, and will have much less of a presence on the taxpayer-funded PBS network beyond a “moderating” role. Alcindor will transition to NBC News starting March.

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