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‘Christmas’ Video of Hillary Screaming After Light Falls on Her in 1992 Goes Extremely Viral

Rep. Paul Gosar, an Arizona Republican, celebrated Christmas Eve this year by tweeting a clip of a light fixture falling on Hillary Clinton during a 1992 interview.

“Remember the reason for the season! #Merry Christmas,” Gosar commented on the video, which has been viewed 4 million times and triggered backlash from the Clinton family and their supporters.

The clip comes from a CBS News “60 Minutes” interview during then-Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign. Hillary Clinton appears alongside her husband to defend him from allegations of marital infidelity, which later led to his unsuccessful impeachment.

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About 40 minutes into the conversation, a light bar crashes onto the couch directly behind the Clintons, who leap up and rush away.

“Jesus, Marry and Joseph!” Hillary Clinton shouts. “Whoo! Whoo!”

Paul Gosar accused of promoting violence against Hillary Clinton

Many Twitter users were outraged that Gosar shared the clip ahead of Christmas, with some warning they had reported him for allegedly promoting violence against Clinton.

Delina DiSanta, a Democrat vying in 2020 for Gosar’s seat representing Arizona’s 4th congressional district, said she was shocked to see him celebrating that Clinton “almost got hurt.”

“Now that is a dark personality,” she tweeted. “I’m coming for your seat. We cannot continue to have you in office. You are a danger to #AZ04.”

Others commenters, including Neera Tanden, the president of the Center for American Progress, recalled that Gosar’s siblings last year appeared in a video opposing his reelection and endorsing his Democratic opponent. Gosar, who went on to win the election, dismissed his six brothers and sisters at the time as “disgruntled Hillary supporters” who like Stalinists, “put political ideology before family.”

On Thursday, Chelsea Clinton claimed Gosar’s tweet as a win for her father, who is seen shielding her mother from the falling light.

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“Thank you Congressman @RepGosar for reminding me of my dad’s quick reflexes!” she tweeted, saying that her family had been “making cookies for Santa” while the Republican was resurfacing the 27-year-old interview.

However, an hour after Gosar’s tweet, Hillary Clinton also found time to share a moment from a Christmas. She posted a photo of her and Clinton under the White House Christmas tree in 2000, spurring some critics to mock her for longing to return to power.

The Clintons did not respond to Newsweek’s request for comment.

Gosar has stirred controversy on Twitter before. Last month, during an impeachment hearing, he posted a series of tweets that together spelled out “Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

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