Man Arrested for Assaulting Pro-Trump Teen – Gets Brutally Mocked When People See His Mugshot

A New Hampshire man has been arrested for assaulting a 15-year-old Trump volunteer outside a polling place following the first-in-the nation presidential primary, police said Thursday.

Windham police arrested 34-year-old local resident Patrick Bradley and charged him with three counts of simple assault and once count of disorderly conduct, they said in a release. He was held overnight on $5,000 bail in the Rockingham County Jail and was to be arraigned Friday morning.

He also was being held on a probation violation, the release said.

Police said Bradley had exited Windham High School Tuesday night and was walking by a Trump campaign tent staffed by several workers when he slapped the 15-year-old across the face. He subsequently assaulted to other adults who intervened. He also was accused of throwing campaign signs and attempting to knock over the tent.

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Although not identified in the release, Pluralist reported earlier in the week that Nate Campbell, who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat was exiting the Windham High School polling station with the father of a friend when he turned to man and said: “Have a nice night.”

The man cursed at the teen and then struck him.  The father of the boy’s friend, Stephan Leclerc, said he intervened prompting the man to call both Campbell and himself “fascists” and begin attacking Leclerc.

Leclerc characterized the man as an “Antifa-like dude.”

As recently as late 2019, Bradley expressed support for antifa, the Post Millennial reported, citing his Facebook activity.

Patrick Bradley’s mugshot

According to Fox News, Campbell’s mother, Cathy, said her firefighter husband was on duty during the incident,.

He was dispatched on the call but didn’t learn it was his son who had been assaulted until he arrived, Cathy said.

She said her son is “pretty traumatized” about the incident.

“There will always be the people who try to blame the victim,” she said. “But he certainly did nothing wrong.

“It’s scary that you can’t express without which political party you are. People need to know how much intolerance there is right now.”

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A mugshot of Bradley’s unkempt appearance, with long uncombed hair, beard and generally disheveled look, was mocked by many on Twitter, including one person who asked: “Why do all libs look like this,” and another who said he looked “five cans short of a six pack.”

“This is what happens when you give the crazy loons a platform to be crazy,” said another commenter.

Violence against Trump supporters

The incident comes amid a string of attacks against Trump supporters in the past week.

The most serious involved a Florida man accused of ramming his van into a Republican Party voter registration tent on Saturday. An arrest report said the man told deputies he did not like Trump and “someone had to take a stand.”

Another incident occurred on Friday at a bar in Tennessee, where a man celebrating his 50th birthday party and wearing a MAGA-like red cap that read “Make Fifty Great Again” was struck in the face by a woman who said “How dare you.” The man was left with a deep gash in his left cheek just below his eye.

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