Man Assaults 14-Year-Old Boy for Wearing MAGA Hat at New Hampshire Primary, Police Say

A 14-year-old high school student wearing a “Make America Hat Again” hat was struck and called a “fascist” while leaving a New Hampshire polling place Tuesday night with the father of his friend, authorities said.

Windham Police Capt. Bryan Smith confirmed the details of the incident to Pluralist and said an investigation was underway but would not comment further.

Stephan Leclerc posted an image which described the incident on Tuedsay. According to Leclerc, he and Nate Campbell, a friend of his son Zach, were leaving the polling station at Windham High School when the two were accosted.

Campbell, who was serving as a President Donald Trump volunteer and wearing a “MAGA” hat, turned to a man to “wish him a nice night.”

“And the man said ‘F**k you’ and slapped Nate across the face,” the post read.

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Leclerc, who also was wearing a “MAGA” hat, ran over to stop the man who he described in a separate post as an “Antifa-like dude,” and was hit himself. The man shouted that the pair were fascists and “continued to attack” both.

“Dude sucker hit a minor Trump volunteer we were with and as we tried to retain him, he sucker punch me in my mouth. Mangled me up,” Leclerc wrote.

Both Leclerc and Campbell were unharmed, the post said.

Leclerc did not immediately respond to Pluralist’s request for comment.

A Democratic showdown in New Hampshire

Pete Buttigieg received the most votes in the Windham Democratic presidential primary, receiving 883 votes to Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s 644 and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ 456.

Joe Biden was fourth with 264 followed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 208 and less than 100 each for Tom Steyer, Andrew Yang, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Deval Patrick.

Statewide, with about 96 percent of the precincts reporting, Sanders edged out Buttigieg 25.7 percent to 24.3 percent. Klobuchar was next with 19.8 percent, followed by Warren with 9.2 percent and Biden with 8.4 percent.

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It was the second straight time Sanders, a senator from the neighboring state of Vermont, has won the New Hampshire primary, but it was a much more narrow victory than his 22-point win over Hillary Clinton in 2016.

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